Y.A.M. Academy Dorms

If you want to know in which dorm you will be you have to take this test and send a screen shot to the admin after you finish it. And after you join the academy you can increase your grade by joining tournments0

notes: 1-you shouldn't take this test 2 times 2-we need a graphic desginer at the yam academy Good Luck,Don't forget you must do your best because this exam isn't easy.

Created by: mesho
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  1. Which Deck Do you Use?
  2. Can the quick spell be activated during your opponent turn?
  3. can black luster soldier be summoned from grave by monster reborn,call of the haunted,etc...?
  4. Can stardust dragon be summoned from grave while its first summon was by starlight road?
  5. can skill drain negate the summoning effect of black rose dragon?
  6. Would Ally of Justice Catastor destroy Blackwing Armor Master by attacking?
  7. What is Red eyes Darkness Metal Dragon second effect?
  8. Can Call of the haunted be activated to special summon Elemental Hero Wild Heart?
  9. The Dark World archetype is a type that focuses on...
  10. Lightsworns and Arcana force cards can be mostly found in the booster pack
  11. Can Machina Fortress be discarded as part of it's own effect?
  12. How many light monarch(s) there is/are?
  13. How many stars do Goyo Guardian, Stardust Dragon, Brionac dragon of the ice barrier, Black rose dradon, Blackwing Silverwind the ascendant,X-Saber Gottoms, and Junk Warrior have?
  14. The Volcanic archetype is an archetype that focuses in:
  15. You have "Gorz the Emissary of Darkness, Torrential Tribute,Waboku, Lightning Vortex, Nutrient Z" in your hand and your opponent has an OTK deck with no actual cards on the field. He will summon Stardust Dragon first and then one Blue eyes white Dragon in the next turn. What card would be the best to place face down in such situation to destroy both monsters in your next turn assuming your opponent does not have any magic nor trap card in his hand or field?(you have no cards on the field and only 2000 life points left
  16. You have 3 cards in hand and 2 cards left in your deck.Your life points are below 1000. Your opponent has 6 cards in hand and 5 in the deck.He has 3 Stardust dragon, 1 Blue eyes white Dragon and 1 Prime material dragon. Your hand has "hand destruction, card destruction, Call of the Haunted"(you have a blackwing armor master in your graveyard that was previously synchro summoned). What card should you play to win the game as fast as possible?
  17. Which gladiator beast monster has an effect of destroying 2 cards when fusion summoned?
  18. The six samurai Kamon effect can destroy...
  19. Macro monarch is a variation of a monarch deck with different playability. Even the monsters to be used are different. Among these options choose which card is the best option for this deck.
  20. If your opponent controls 2 solar flare dragon can you enter the battle phase.
  21. Horus the black flame dragon (lv4,lv6,lv8) focuses in...
  22. If you activate lightning vortex and your opponent chains dark bribe would you still have to discard?
  23. Which of the following is NOT a continous magic card?
  24. are you in a team?

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