Wich Negima character are YOU?

Think you know all of the Mahora accademy's students personalities?Take the test and find out wich Mahora academy student you are!some questions are random but makes sence

Mahora academy needs you~!Mahora academy is a school in an anime series wich has vampires,Fighting,mysteries,Chupakubras and love.There are many students in the school but there's only a few of them in this quiz

Created by: black rose baron
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  1. If the darknes appears what do you do?
  2. Nodoka falls down stairs while talking to Yui.What do you do?
  3. You find a Talking frog called Motsu
  4. Kazumi takes an embarassing picture of you and posts it on her blog.What do you do
  5. You find a REAL chupakubra (not the mechakubra)
  6. You found out you need to Kiss prof.Negi to complete a contract
  7. you found at that Negi's a wizard ;w;
  8. -Negi turns into a Chupakubra-
  9. -Mahora academy explodes-
  10. ayaka and asuna has another duel

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Quiz topic: Wich Negima character am I?