Star Wars Adventure Part 2

Ok this is a star wars quiz and I have out all the characters in it so even if they are dead because I want to tell you because people might go like that stupid dead characters are in it.

Will you be able to bring balance to the force or will you slaughter all Jedi and be lured into the dark side of the force and be a Sith lord or warrior.

Created by: Death4

  1. Well sorry for my bad spelling and grammar in part 1 I was being lazy anyway.
  2. Moving on. Your unchained from pillars and Master Yoda comes with all the clone troopers and gives covering fire.
  3. After a while of defending. Your master Luke Skywalker shouts that we need to go.
  4. (1 Hour later). You see count dooku on his way to the Sith you ask your master if you could follow him he agrees only of he comes.
  5. Your in the middle of a battle with him. You?
  6. Soon you win but your master has a chopped of leg. You?
  7. You get help and clone troopers help. Your master to the gunship and fly away. But your master falls off board. you?
  8. Pick a number
  9. You get to have your own lightsaber. What is the first colour you choose.
  10. Cya in my next part bye

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