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    "To the hate list:Florida. To the love list:Arizona,Canada,Carolina's."
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    "*Smirk.* I hate:My dad. My grandma. Animal abusers People who abuse people. Storms. Liars. "
  • Well.
  • ":( Eva -.- c: xD. Nitrotails12."
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    "I just googled it."
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    "No no smacking no one. Btw I googled what ever the sherk thing was. WHO THE f--- WOULD WATCH IT?!!"
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    "*Smirking.* You start. *Picked up the noodle you picked.* XD.~"
  • Well.
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    "*Smirks.* *Smiles.* What to talk about?~ *Eats some more spaghetti.* Hehe!~"
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    "*Smirks.* *Giggling quietly.* *Does the same.* Heh!~"
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    "*Smirks.* *Blushing,Smiling.* *Takes sip of mine as well.* Hehe.~*"
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    "*Smiling.* *Grinning.* Thank you.~ *Takes drink.* Hehe.~"
  • Welcome to my garden
    "And going up."
  • Private chatting thread
    "God. I needed a spell check badly."

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