Story Quiz Announcment

There are talented authors who write stories, but a few true and perfected writers and authors with pizazz and style. These people can be quite exceptional.

People,people, i wanna tell you all about the new story quiz I am making, but it will be very challenging to making events and other things, so calm down if you are very eager.

Created by: QUIZFIZZ

  1. Hi, person who is reading this!
  2. As you know my WinxClubgirl account is hacked .
  3. But wait? What is a story quiz without an awesome title?
  4. So the title is Mermaids In The Deep.
  5. And I have a plot.
  6. A girl lives in Miami. Her name is Emma. Her parents die in a murder and the gunmen are nowhere to be found. Also the only people left are her friend Josh, Sparky the dog, and Lizzy.
  7. so I'll be posting the on my forum to get gtq users to kick back and die to read it!
  8. And I didn't just come to to talk about my story quiz, I am also giving Shoutouts!
  9. Firey Soul, your Paranomal stories are so awesome!
  10. Daughter of Apollo, Your stories are perfect, They are so well detailed and magnicient!

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