do you have a dirty mind

this quiz my be disturbing and/or funny i got it from written by LilQT1 so theres no copyright why do these tings have to be so long

Do you have a dirty mind find out in this super weird quiz pluse make sure you read the rules for my contest why does this have to be 150 words it/'s too long

Created by: mcqueen

  1. When Your laying in bed at night do you think of having sex?
  2. when your with your gf/bf do you daydream about being naked with them?
  3. Do i think about sex?
  4. Do You Masterbate?
  5. Do You Give Head?
  6. Are you single?
  7. i would like to just take a moment thank you all for taking my quiz
  8. i know m not famous on gotoquiz it's my fav website but it means so much when you all take my quizzes
  9. will you please check out my other quizzes i promus that if you don't learn something from them then you will......
  10. ....atlest get a kick out of them true spy wise and black,are you crazy or random,and do you have adhd
  11. im haveing a contest make your own quizzes with a topic and some ideas and witch ever one i pick i will make with a shout out for the creater

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Quiz topic: Do I have a dirty mind