wise spy true and black

You must truely want to be a secret agent this was a small test to see if you are up to the challenge and if you know the basics if you can't pass this test then keep taking it to prove you want to be a spy

Have you dreamed about being a secret agent then take this test it has the top ten basics and need to know if you real want to do this prove your up to the test then take this test

Created by: mcqueen
  1. What is one thing any spy needs
  2. What is one skill a spy could need
  3. What would you wear on a misson
  4. What must you keep close at heart
  5. What would you not leave the house with it
  6. If you just finished a misson what would your comader say
  7. If you where going to hack the computer using the run program
  8. What does cia stand for
  9. Whats the best color to wear on a misson
  10. Finally whats the most imported thing any spy needs to know

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