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  • Childe Supremacy
    "A cat being illiterate? Sounds familiar~"
  • Childe Supremacy
    "We're hardly mary sues! This is so rude."
  • Account Checking
  • "Hello, my little deer. -grins- I'm so glad that I picked up your aura.. I really must thank this friend of yours-"
  • "It's been several years, kiddo. Though, I guess that depends on what realm you're basing that time frame off of."
  • Account Counter
  • Zaire bear?
    "Zaire: More kisses, more.. You.. *groans with him, gasping at the feeling of Flynn moving his hips* Really~? Great~"
  • Hi!
    "Hello person. It's only one-- The glass is half full!"
  • Hi!
    "Dark said we could come and make friends today. Even though I hate people. Ignore him! :D"
  • This is bulls---, man.
    ".. *snorts* They won't give up that easily, either. Dark's siblings aren't like her at all.. They're the figh"
  • I know, but..
    "..You're killing people for what, Micah? *grabs him, shaking him* This needs to stop! None of these people are"
  • "Dark: wheh can't find it I'm not even sure really"
  • Heph's thread
    "Dark: hopefully you won't be too affected tomorrow"
  • "Dark: Let me go see yup"
  • I know, but..
    "..You know, I don't like Aliyah. He says you need to hurt people. Random people. For something we don't even know. *closes an"

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