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Hello people of got to quiz!!! What is hanging off the chizayy?! Yeah Ok so anyways I have some good news and some bad news. Which one first.

I'll go with the good news first. I have started another story and I have written about thirty pages in the last couple days. Now here comes the bad news. I don't know if i am going to continue writing this online story i started back in May.

Created by: Milkyway62

  1. So as you probably already know I'm Milkyway62 (obviously) and earlier this year in May I started a new story.
  2. I know this is probably really annoying to you guys but not enough people are reading to convince me that I should continue.
  3. I know I have only done one part but I did a second one. Unfortunately when I had finished that one, the session had expired and I lost everything.
  4. So I am going to probably continue but I need to know something. Do you guys think I should continue? I don't know if you guys like it and think I should continue. If you do please leave a comment in the comment bar.
  5. I am also trying to start another story but seriously I need your opinions.
  6. Hopefully enough of you will care enough and say yes but again I will probably keep writing anyway.
  7. So um if you had an idea to make my story better lets see, um should there be more romance or more action
  8. Ok then. For you romantics, should it be softly with some and then with others more intense?
  9. Ok now for you action. Should there be like a mysterious villain or a known villain or half and half?
  10. Ok now I have run out of important story shaping questions. So talk to y'all soon!

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