A second love story NEWS FLASH

This is just an announcement with very important news on the quizzes I make. As you are soon to find out, this is the last time you will ever here from me.

If you don't like bad news, leave. Heck, you can just leave right now. It doesn't matter now, because by the time you finish reading this, I wil have been long gone.

Created by: Gbeth
  1. Hey everyone. I got news for y'all.
  2. The love story's over.
  3. Yeah, sad, huh?
  4. I got bad ratings.
  5. I won't be on anymore.
  6. I'll never get to be a member, so if you want, you can continue the series. I won't care.
  7. I have to go on with my life outside the love story.
  8. May the guys live on forever.
  9. Gotta go
  10. Bye forever.

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