Please read very important!-33iZZy18

PLEASE READ Hey guys well these are just some ideas and yes I am continueing Forever and Always so don't kill me yet and please make sure to.comment thxs.

So yea. Don't read this just go a read the rest and if you're still reading this.... You're weird xP jk jk I'm just bored.

Created by: 33iZZy18

  1. Hey guys! Well I have this fanisating idea you see I'm writing a book (It's not my forever and always series) And its really great! I've got loads of compliments on it and well I really want to post it on Gtq.
  2. Also forgot to mention I also have another idea about something entirly different but you'll be the judges of that so now in shuting up:)
  3. Okay so the book (don't have a title yet) is about a girl who is moving to the UK and she has no idea why, her mother was the only one raising the both her and her older sister Ana, and she notices her mother and sister have been acting very strange the last cppule of weeks but trust me its wayyy more interesting then how I describe it I'll put a little part of the story probually in another quiz.
  4. This one is about a self harming girl who's lives with her grandmother and cousin in east Oakland on one of the worst streets there (Bancroft) and she's moving to a smaller town in the valley because her grandmother thinks it will do good for her, and there's more but I'd rather not say too.much
  5. Okay well that's it. Please comment and also one more thing ALL of them have some type of magic or something like that.
  6. ....
  7. I hate it when you go outside and somebody randomly throws a refridgerator at you...
  9. Comment, rate, or both?
  10. On the last day of school I yelled "Sionorra B----s!" But now that I'm eternally bored I want to go back to school...

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