Paranormal Love (part 23)

Hey guys, welcome to part 23 of my Paranormal Love series. Either you'll really love this part or you'll really hate it. If you love it then yay! If you hate it then sorry! :(

Recap: Jace is trying to tell you how bad humans really are. You won't listen to what he tells you, so he has you close your eyes and focus on him. He leans his forhead against yours, at first you see nothing, but then you start seeing really horrific things...

Created by: Firey_Soul

  1. All the bad things that humans have done started flashing through your mind. You see scenes of graphic murders, war, fights, and just about every horrible thing involving humans imaginable. You see tragedies that took place throughout history including World War I, World War II, Nazi Germany, and so much more. (I've studied all 3 of those things, and trust me, they're WAY worse than you could ever imagine.) If that wasn't bad enough, you also see your own emotional scars that involve humans being re-opened. You flash back to being bullied horribly, your biggest fight (weather it was physical, verbal, or both), and your most painful heartbreak. You became overwhelmed with sadness, anger, and fear that you had to open your eyes and pull away from Jace. You stared at him, fighting back tears.
  2. Jace looks like he can feel your pain. He grabs both of your hands and stares into your eyes giving you a look of sympathy. "I'm really sorry you had to see that, but there was no other way I could get my point across." he says. "Well now I can totally see what you mean... and you're right. Humans are horrible." you say with pain in your voice. You are still fighting the urge to cry. It wasn't often that you cried, and you definately didn't want to do that in front of a hot guy. Jace pulls you closer to him and gives you tight hug. His muscular arms are around your waist and you can feel his rock hard abs and chest pressed up against you. Your put your arms around Jace's neck. You feel more comfortable now. It takes a little while, but he hugs you until you feel much better. You wonder if it's possible for demons to have healing powers. "Thanks Jace. I know I haven't been with you for very long, but you always seem to know what to say and do." you say. "Well, I'm glad you feel that way." Jace says and smiles, showing off his cute dimples.
  3. You stare into Jace's eyes for a while, you seem to get lost in them. You manage to look away, but now you are focused on his lips. You remember how amazing the last time you kissed him was and even if he's not the guy you like, you decide to go for it again. You lean in rather quickly, but Jace meets you halfway. When your lips collide, a chill runs down your spine. The kiss was just as amazing as you remember, if not more amazing.
  4. After what seems like hours (but actually it was just a few minutes) You pull away a little breathless. You blush a bit. "Sorry..." you say. "No need to apologize for being an excellent kisser." Jace says and winks. You notice that Jace's eyes are mostly amber now and are almost glowing. You raise an eyebrow. "Thanks, but...what's up with your eyes?" you ask. "What do you mean?" Jace asks. "They're amber, and they're almost glowing." you say. "Are they now?" Jace replies. He quickly glances at the mirror hanging from the wall. "Oh, look at that. They are." "Does that mean anything?" you ask. "I'm not sure, sometimes they just randomly change colors. I've never found out why." Jace says.
  5. "Oh," you say. There's a short moment of silence. Just then the thought of the guys comes into your mind. "Jace," you say. "Yeah?" Jace says. "Are you holding me as a prisoner here?" you ask. "I wouldn't say 'prisoner'. If you were, you'd be in the dungeon... I know you've seen that before. For the record, that was Jake's idea. I never asked him to do any of that. You're not my prisoner. You have free will." Jace says. "Oh good." you say a little relieved. "So you won't be mad if I go back with the guys?" you ask. "More hurt than mad. I really would perfer if you stayed here for a couple of days." Jace says. Half of you wants to run away and go be with the guys again and half of you wants to stay in this beautiful room with Jace. "I don't know..." you say. "Well, the guys are probably looking for you anyway, so they'll be coming here soon enough to get you." Jace says. "Where will you stay until then?" "I guess you have a point." you say.
  6. "Wait a minute..." you say. "And you're okay with the guys just coming here and taking me? Isn't your whole purpose of keeping me here to take my power and kill all the humans?" you ask. "So that's what they've told you, huh?" Jace says. "Well, let me tell you what's really going on." "Please do." you say. "I definately don't want to take your power. Your power belongs to YOU. It's not mine to take. However, I do need your help to get rid of all these humans. There are rumors about me wanting to create a unique and painful death for each one but that rumor is totally untrue. My goal is to get rid of all of them quickly and painlessly so the supernatural beings can make earth a better place." Jace says. "____, I don't want to pressure you into anything you don't wanna do, so really, it's your choice." You totally see Jace's point... and not to mention that horrible vision was still fresh in your mind. You don't like humans anymore, but you're still not sure what to do. "I need some time to think about it." you say. "That's perfectly okay." Jace says.
  7. "So, I'll leave you alone if you want me to." Jace says. For some reason, you didn't want to be left alone here. There was no one else you knew besides Jace... and some backstabbing agents that you didn't want to see ever again. "Actually, I'd feel better if you stayed." you say. Jace smiles. "Out of curiousity, why?" Jace asks. You blush a bit but decide to speak your mind. "There's something about you that I like and I'd rather stay here and get to know you better than be all lonely by myself." you say. "I like your way of thinking." Jace says.
  8. You and Jace end up talking for hours. You can see that he takes after Chris a bit. He's pretty funny, witty, and sarcastic. When you're not talking about the whole "destroying all the humans" situation, it's actually pretty nice to talk to Jace. He's interested in what you have to say, and he laughs at your jokes. (even the cheesy ones) You feel like Jace is actually a good guy and that most people just get the wrong impression of him. You glance out the window. It looked like it was about 6 PM. "Hey, ____." Jace says. "Yeah?" you say. "I gotta go. I'll meet you back here in an hour. In the meantime, you might wanna get dressed." Jace says with a little smile. Your face turns bright red when you realize you're still in your sweats and a tank top from last night. "Oh yeah, good idea." you say. "See you later, ____." Jace says walking out the room and closing the door behind him. You walk over to the fancy closet and open it up. There a variety of outfits that are your style. You choose your favorite one. You take a shower, fix your hair and makeup however you like and you put on your outfit. You decide not to leave the room until Jace comes back, so you look around the room and spot some magazines on the desk. You pick up one of them and flip through it.
  9. ***Jace's P.O.V.*** I had something special planned for ____ and I. My first impression of her was "WOAH she's cute!" but I had no idea she had this great of a personatlity too. As I was walking through the hallways of my castle, I ran into Heidi. "Slate, I forgot to tell you this," Heidi said. "Tell me what?" I asked. "Did you notice ____'s necklace?" she asked. "Yeah, it looks nice on her." I said. "Sure, but that necklace is magic or something, when I touched it, it hurt my hand really badly. I think ____'s friends made it to protect her." Heidi said. "Interesting," I said. "I should convince her to take it off, she doesn't need to be protected from me. I won't hurt her." "Well, okay. Don't take off the necklace yourself though, trust me!" Heidi said. "I'm not worried, she has to take the necklace eventually." I said. I was about to walk away when Heidi said, "One more thing." "What is it?" I asked. "If you want your plan to work, I'd advise giving ____ this." Heidi said. She reached into her pocket and pulled out a small vial filled with a dark blue liquid. She handed it to me. "What's this?" I asked.
  10. CLIFFHANGER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yeah, yeah. I get it. You probably want to kill me right now, especially if you hate Jace and are in love with a different guy. However, some of you love Jace! I had to make a part or two about him. There's no pleasing all of you so if you hated this part, I'm really sorry, but that's how the story goes. Don't kill me! Killing isn't nice, plus I won't be able to make the next part and you guys will never find out what happens next. I don't think you want to do that. Well anywho, who do you like?

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