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  • 22.8K
    Best Wow Class Quiz
    rated: 3.09/5Promoted 12 years ago | taken 22.8K times | 5 comments

    If you play WoW, take this quiz to find out who to play. Omniscient Narrator Magnanimous hasn't let you down before! Gibberish excessive repeating …

  • 2K
    What middle school stero- type are you?
    rated: 2.52/5Promoted 12 years ago | taken 2K times | 6 comments

    Take this quiz so you can know what high school or middle school, for that matter everyday attidude is... IT IS JUST FOR FUN!DONT TAKE IT SERIOUSLY... …

  • 5.6K
    what do you like him/her for ?
    rated: 2.92/5Promoted 12 years ago | taken 5.6K times | 5 comments

    Is he/she the one for you , well come and find out , hey you never know , you could be dateing the one you are soon yet to marry in a few years or …

  • 14.8K
    Are You An Emo Person?
    rated: 3.27/5Promoted 12 years ago | taken 14.8K times | 19 comments

    There is this depressing little thing called "Emo" spreading around. If you are wondering if you are an "Emo" person, just take this quiz and find …

  • 6.7K
    What Eragon Character Are You?
    rated: 3.19/5Promoted 12 years ago | taken 6.7K times | 12 comments

    Have you read Eragon, Eldest, and Brisingr? Eragon is a farm boy who finds a dragon egg. When it hatches, it launches him into a world only told of in …

  • 10.1K
    What Sonic Character are You? - Dhpo
    rated: 3.1/5Promoted 12 years ago | taken 10.1K times | 16 comments

    A Sonic Quiz made by Dhpo. Credit to for the information on the sonic characters. Please enjoy yourselves. Hint - Some of these …

  • 5.2K
    What is your cartoon soulmate?
    rated: 2.8/5Promoted 12 years ago | taken 5.2K times | 16 comments

    I think there is a cartoon character in all of us, if we look really hard. Come on, take this quiz to find your true animated self. Come on, trust me, …

  • 7.1K
    Does your crush really like you?
    rated: 3.7/5Promoted 12 years ago | taken 7.1K times | 7 comments

    Boys are so hard to figure out sometimes. Take your crush for example. You may think about him every day. But the real question is, does he feel …

  • 2.7K
    Which Monster Of Nightmares Are You
    rated: 3.06/5Promoted 12 years ago | taken 2.7K times | 7 comments

    Yeah sure there are alot of diffrent type of monsters in the world that have been made up, or mabey a true legend, but ever wonder what kind of …

  • 3.7K
    r u a goddy goody or a bad girl / boy
    rated: 2.74/5Promoted 12 years ago | taken 3.7K times | 16 comments