Are You Beautiful From Inside ?(for girls)(accurate)

Hey! It is me,sim again . Thanks for taking my quizes. I got good responds . So now take my new quiz and don't forget to rate and comment. Another paragraph!

A friend of mine told me 'beauty in inside is more important than outside' . His name is vir . So yeah, I am not agree with him actually. Anyway,I made this quiz. So it is a little shout out for him . So lets start

Created by: Donotdisturb
  1. Someone wants your help.. You?
  2. Someone asks you out. But you don't wanna go. You?
  3. Do you like to be with your friend?
  4. Your friend's bf just dumped her. You?
  5. What makes you feel beautiful?
  6. It is your friend's birthday. You?
  7. Do you like to help people?
  8. Do you care about your family and friends?

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Quiz topic: Am I Beautiful From Inside ?(for girls)(accurate)