How smart are you? (Simpsons)

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How smart are you? Are you a practically a genius? Or maybe you are a genius? Find out what sort of things you know and how clever you are. Maybe you're not very academic but are smart at other things?

Take this quiz and find out how smart you are, are you as smart as Homer or smarter and a genius like Lisa?

Created by: chocolatefrog
  1. Which is the smartest animal?
  2. What would be the best thing to put in a slingshot if you are trying to break a window quite far away?
  3. What colour is the lightest?
  4. What do cows drink?
  5. What is 10% of 1457?
  6. What do you do if you are sat watching tv but you want the cold drink in the fridge?
  7. Which is not an anagram of the others? (answer quickly)
  8. What is candy?
  9. Which is not part of a shotgun?
  10. What is the capital of Australia?
  11. What shape is a donut?
  12. What is pi?
  13. Which is not a skateboard trick?
  14. Do you know what penultimate means?
  15. Which is not part of a skateboard?
  16. Do you like reading?

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Quiz topic: How smart am I? (Simpsons)