The Simpsons. Do u know them?

There are many Simpson fans, but few true lovers. when you take the quiz you will see how much you know about the Simpsons. Hope you love this quiz and think it's very fun!!

Do you love the Simpsons as much a s I do? Well if you do, this is the quiz for you!! When you take it you will find out how much you truly LOVE the Simpsons.

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  1. What are the names of Marge's twin sisters?
  2. In which episode did Jacques star in?
  3. What is Homer's dad's name?
  4. What instrument does Lisa play?
  5. In which episode did Alcatrazz star in?
  6. In which episode did Alaska Nebraska star in?
  7. What school does Bart study in?
  8. How many main characters are there in The Simpsons?
  9. What does Moe sell?
  10. What is the name of the shop Apu runs?
  11. What is Apu's last name?
  12. Did u like my Quiz?

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