How Well Do You Know The Simpsons?

Lots Of People Out There Watch The Simpsons, Whether They Are Forced To By Older People, There Is Nothing Else On The TV, Or They Are Doing It Willingly. Few Are Experts Of The Simpsons For This Reason. Are You?

Have You Watched Enough Episodes, Have Enough Memory, And Take In Important Secrets To Complete This Quiz With One Hundred Percent Accuracy? If You Do, Then Congrats, You ARE One Of The Few.

Created by: Puppydog

  1. What Is Barts -Real- Hair Colour?
  2. How Did Homer Simpson Lose His Hair?
  3. What Was The First Episode Of The Simpsons Ever Made?
  4. Who Shoots Mr. Burns?
  5. Who Was The First Member Of The Simpsons To Say -Daddy- To Homer When They Were A Baby?
  6. Does The Original Owner Of - Santa's Little Helper - Ever Appear In Another Simpsons Episode?
  7. How Did The Simpsons Original Cat, - SnowBall One - Die?
  8. Who Is Bart's Favorite Super Hero?
  9. Mr Burns Is A?
  10. In One Episode, Maggie Is An?
  11. When Maggie Is A Witch In One Episode, She Turns EveryOne Into?
  12. In Itchy And Scratchy Land, What Are The Robots ' Allergic ' Too?
  13. Who Was The So Called ' Alien?'

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know The Simpsons?