The Simpsons Quiz!

Many a people watch a long running show called The Simpsons. Many a people call themselves fans of the longest running cartoon show ever and have been laughing themselves silly since its debut on FOX.

So, you think you are a Simpsons Fan? Have you watched enough episodes to dare to take this quiz? Are ready to find out if you were correct in calling yourself a Simpsons fan or were you bluffing?

Created by: Julietta

  1. What instrument does Lisa play?
  2. What color is the wagon Marge drives?(The one that DOESN'T have the crooked antenna)
  3. What is Homer's Job?
  4. Where does Homer work?
  5. What Sector does Homer Work in?
  6. What is Marge's Maiden name?(her last name before she was married)SPELLING MAY NOT BE EXACT
  7. What kind of dog is Santa's Little Helper?
  8. How many pets have the Simpsons had?
  9. In the Tree Houses of Horror, what do Matt Groening and James L. Brooks call themselves?
  10. What city is Springfield's rival?
  11. What is Homer's long lost brother's name?
  12. Generally what is the Simpsons address?
  13. What is the barkeep's name that owns Moe's Tavern?

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