Do You Know Your Simpsons?

What is a simpsons fan its not someone who knows about the simpsons its someone who lives the simpsons do you live them? Because i do! 12345

There are some people that know the simpson like, I and there some that know nothing like umm let me think YOU. Prove that you know more than me!!!

Created by: Sheikh Rahman

  1. What is the name of the beloved simpsons dog?
  2. Whats the father of the simpsons name?
  3. what is the name of the simpsons wacky next door neighboor?
  4. what is the name of the simpsons halloween spin off?
  5. What were the three episodes names, on the first simpsons halloween special?
  6. How old is the simpsons wacky neighboor?
  7. In the episode Homer Badman. What was homer accused of doing?
  8. How much does homer weigh
  9. What is the name of homers favorite beer?
  10. In the simpsons episode HOMЯ what did he stick in his nose that made him stupid.
  11. what was the date of the simpsons first episode?
  12. What was the name of the juice homer drank in Newyork citie?
  13. Who created the flaming Moe?
  14. What was homer sent to hell for in the halloween speical episode? -------- hell.
  15. Who is the devil in all the halloween specials?
  16. what is the picture behind the simpson couch?
  17. How old is bart and lisa combined?
  18. What is masked barts name
  19. What is barts favorite comic book hero?
  20. what is lisa and barts favorite cartoon?
  21. Who is the creator of the simpsons?
  22. In the simpsons halloween special episode hex and the city, what did homer need to rid of the evil gypsy?
  23. who was the head vampire in the Simpson Halloween special episode Bart Simpson's Dracula?
  24. which of the following 4 choices happened in the newest simpson's halloween special? treehouse of horror xx
  25. who is the founder of Springfield?
  26. what is the city of springfields motto?
  27. what state does Springfield lye in?
  28. what is the springfield area code?
  29. when was springfield founded?
  30. what is the name of the episode where Bart gets in trouble for kissing a girl?
  31. episode I simpsons roasting on an open fire. how did they acquire santa's little helper?
  32. who does sideshow bob want to kill?
  33. how many kids does apu have?
  34. who is the key to sanctity?
  35. who shot Mr. burns?
  36. who did bart sell his soul to?
  37. what did bart sell his soul for?
  38. what is the name of snakes car?
  39. which character got a huge makeover?
  40. which character said "you cant kill'em if his wear'in people clothes"?
  41. who is mr. tini?
  42. who did homer day dream about making out with?
  43. what was the name of the singing group homer belonged to?
  44. what was homers singing group first hit?
  45. how many kids do marg and homer have?
  46. what was the name of the character homer played on itchy and scratchy?
  47. how old is marge simpson?
  48. how old is marge and homer combined?

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Quiz topic: Do I Know my Simpsons?