How well do you know Supergirl? (tv show)

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A quiz for all Arrowverse fans. it's all about Supergirl, and if you've watched it before, do the quiz to see how well you know it! I really hope you enjoy!!

If you get a bad score, don't worry. Next time you'll do better. I do highly recommend you to watch the tv show if you haven't watched it before. It's a great show!

Created by: Fastest_man_alive12

  1. Is Supergirl an alien or a meta-human?
  2. What is Supergirl's birth name?
  3. From which planet does Supergirl come from?
  4. What is the name of Supergirl's adoptive sister?
  5. At what age did Supergirl come to Earth?
  6. On which Earth does Supergirl live?
  7. Who is Supergirl's cousin?
  8. Who is not a friend of Supergirl?
  9. What is Supergirl's job in season 4?
  10. Who is Supergirl's boyfriend in season 3
  11. Who is the head of the DEO in season 1?
  12. Who is the actress of Supergirl in the tv show?
  13. Who is the Dreamer?
  14. Who is Mon-El's wife?
  15. From which country is the tv show?
  16. What is the season 4 crossover called?
  17. Who is the World Killer Reign?
  18. Who is Mon-El's Mother
  19. Who is the agent of Liberty?
  20. How many seasons are there now? (April 2019)

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Supergirl? (tv show)