Which female RWBY character are you?

Have you ever watched Roosterteeth's animated show RWBY? If not, then I recommend it, and if so, then this quiz is the place for you! Have you ever wondered which character you are most like?

This short and easy quiz will tell you which RWBY character you are! I hope you enjoy it! Characters included are Ruby, Weiss, Blake, Yang, Nora, Pyrrha, Penny, Cinder, and Emerald.

Created by: Weiss Schnee
  1. Hi, I'll be asking you some questions today. How are you?
  2. Now, time for some roleplay. You're wandering through the Emerald Forest, when you come across three different paths. One is beautiful and filled with glimmering trees, but you've traveled that way many times. The next is down a hill, towards a cozy-looking cabin. You've never been that way before. The last is a cave, from which you can hear strange murmurs. You have never seen it before. Which way do you go?
  3. Interesting. How would you approach your enemies in combat?
  4. Say you could get revenge on your worst enemy, but you'd kill hundreds of innocent people in the process. Would you do it?
  5. Which hurts you more?
  6. Which makes you feel better?
  7. Who is your favorite singer/band out of the following? (Random question, I know)
  8. What would you do if you were stuck on a team with someone you hate?
  9. Which Deadly Sin do you show the most of?
  10. That's all! I hope you liked the test!

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Quiz topic: Which female RWBY character am I?