What RWBY Character Are You?

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Here is a RWBY quiz! I got inspired to make this because one day I was looking through different shows and movies on Netflix (lol) and found RWBY. I was interested in watching it considering I am a HUGE, GIGANTIC, AWESOME MEGA SUPER anime fan!! The show turned out to be really good, too! As I was watching it, I felt connections with some of the characters. Then I thought: "Hmm... what character would some other folks in the world be..?" And thus, this quiz was born!

So, are you ready to find out which RWBY character you are? Don't be hoping for a certain one, because this quiz judges on what you're like, not what your opinion is. You might even find out more about yourself!

Created by: Leedle
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Your friend tells you the most hilarious joke you've ever heard. What is your reaction?
  2. What is your choice for a weapon?
  3. Someone bumps into you and you both fall. What do you do?
  4. What is your dream hair color?
  5. Do you fly solo?
  6. Do you like to learn?
  7. Do you want this quiz to be over? Or, well, any quiz in general, really.
  8. Who do you think you're going to get? -THIS DOES NOT AFFECT YOUR SCORE!-
  9. You are confused on a question in a test. What answer do you guess?

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Quiz topic: What RWBY Character am I?