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Hey! So for all RWBY lovers this is a RWBY character quiz, except I have removed from the runnings all major characters because I feel there so many quizzes dedicated soley to them: teams RWBY and JNPR. I could not fit all side characters in, so many are not mentioned. Sorry.

Please enjoy! I really worked hard on this for one day only, so uh......yup. Please enjoy it! I really want you to. I am writing this as volume 7 is going on so there are a few spoilers about volume 3......still, enjoy!

Created by: Olive Pine
  1. You just woke up. Coming down the stairs, you see Ren made pancakes.
  2. You are walking in the woods when something catches your eye: its a beowolf! What is your plan of attack?
  3. You are in the middle of a battle against Grimm. You only have a melee weapon. You have a gash in your side that seriously needs medical attention. You were going to go get help, but then something catches your eye. Its your sister! She is defenseless on the ground and a Grimm is about to pounce on her. What do you do?
  4. Who is the worst character in RWBY?
  5. If you had to date one RWBY character, (and could gender bend that character if necessary), which would it be?
  6. Professor Ozpin sat you down. He is telling you that they have the summer maiden, but it is the same situation as the Fall Maiden. Regardless of your gender, he is asking you if you will allow him to infuse the soul of the Summer Maiden into you. He has given you some time to think it over. You are now telling him your final answer.
  7. Who do you ship Ruby with?
  8. Finally, some free time! What you wanna do?
  9. Would you have your own Zwei and if so, what would you name it?
  10. Who do you ship Juan with?
  11. OH NO! The end of the world is tomorrow. Only you know. What will you do for the last day on earth?
  12. How do you rate this quiz?

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