Which Marauder are you?

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So fellow Harry Potter fans the wait is over now we have the test to find out what Marauder you are! Are you Remus, Sirius, James or Peter! Have fun on this quiz

Sup guys it wants to paragraphs from me and thats not going to happened so yeah and are any of you RWBY fans cuz I might do a quiz on RWBY! I'm a huge fan as you most likely be able to tell as my name is MissSunWukong!:-)

Created by: MissSunWukong
  1. Do you like reading for fun?
  2. Do you like pranking?
  3. is your family evil?
  4. do you like wolfs, dogs, stags or rats better
  5. Are you a bookworm, a jock, a player or a follower
  6. who's your favourite character Remus, Sirius, James or Peter?
  7. are you a goalie, chaser, beter, stand person?
  8. Who is better?
  9. Fate!
  10. Smile!

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Quiz topic: Which Marauder am I?