Love in the Marauder era

I'm not adding Peter Pettigrew because ewwwww! Also your name is Penelope mitchell ( youi have no choice) also I'm still going with the creepy pasta quizzes

even though I'm doing these series at the same time! and on top of that highschool exams the best times....not well I hop I get these series finished!

Created by: PeculiarGirl1
  1. You ran through the wall with only five minutes to spare before the Hogwarts express left. Your Barred owl Pheobe was screeching as she rattled in her cage. You finally got on the train. You had to walk to the train station because your parents were working at the ministry non-stop. You were a transfer student from america so this was new to you.
  2. You knocked on the door in the nearest comparment. You stuck your head into the compartment. "Sorry to intrude but every where else is full can I sit here?" The 4 boys looked at eachother and grinned. A boy with jet black messy skin and glasses who looked like the leader grinned. " 'Course darlin," You sat inbetween that boy and one that had a handsome complection. He had long black hair and hazel eyes. He winked at you and you blushed.
  3. "Potter, James Potter. This is Sirius." The one next to you grinned. "The bookworms Remus" The boy sitting infront of you looked up. He had scratches on his face but other than that his hazelnut hair and brown eyes he was cute. "And that one is Peter" peter was a fat boy and looked like someone that was only hanging out with the others for protection. He waved his fat hand in the air while sucking on black licqourice. "And may I ask for your name?" Sirius was talking. "Mitchel, Penelope Mitchel. Friends call me Penny." "Your the new transfer student from America arent you?" Remus asked. You nodded.
  4. You were at Hogwarts in a flash. You looked out the window in awe. "It gets boring to look at in the third year" Remus said packing his stuff. You smiled. "Well it's better than the veiw at Ilvermorny." You said grabbing Pheobe. You got of the train. "You'll have to go with Hagrid, pitty" Sirius said. You followed the sound of a booming voice. You and the first years were told to wait by a middle aged women who went by the name of Mcgonnagal. Straight after the first years. Dumbledore called on you. You shuffled down the rows head down as you knew everyone was staring at you. You blonde hair covered one of you green eyes. You sat on the chair and heard a voice in your head. "Mmmmm....your different from the rest, smart, ambitous, brave and loyal if there was a house for that you'll be in that........" He called out "SLYTHER- wait no-GRYFFINDOOR!" The whole table went crazy you took the hat off and tried to find a seat. You sat next to:
  5. The plates and goblets filled with food. "Congrats" said James patting your back. You looked at your robes that were bright red. "James! Turn them back this instant" you laughed trying to pull a serious face. Remus smiled and muttered a spell that turned your robes back to normal. "Thanks Remus!" you said beaming he grinned back. Soon the feast was over and you went to the common room with the boys. "Where do I sleep?" you asked. "Boys sleep there. Girls sleep here" pointed Sirius. You slid on the couch with your eyes closed. Someone tapped you on the shoulder. There was a girl with pale skin, red hair and freckles standing there. "Hi I'm Marie, Marie Evans." she said. "Mitchell Penelope Mitchell." "You really shouldn't hang out with the Marauders." she said sternly. "Sorry Marie but I'd rather learn the hardway" she grinned.
  6. The next day you got into your uniform and went down to breakfast. When you went into the common room, Sirius was already down there. "Thought you'd never leave James alone," you said outloud. He smirked, "Nope, just when I'm hungry" you grinned. You both went down to breakfast.
  7. You walked down to the dinning room. "So how are you liking hogwarts?" Sirius asked. "It's cool!" "I might as well get this out of the way because alot of Slytherin's will ask what blood type you are." "Oh..... I'm a.....
  8. You started your first class, it was potions with slughorn. A boy came up and shared a couldron with you. He had black hair and looked kind of fragile. "Hi...I'm Penelope" "Severous, Severous Snape" "Nice to meet you"
  9. You exceeded in potions. Slughorn was embarrassing as soon as he dismissed you you ran out of the classroom. The marauders caught up. "Spectacular Miss Mitchell!" "Say would you like to go to have tea with me and a couple of wizards?" you laughed. "Thank you thank you!" you courtseid. You went down to lunch. "Say Penny you trying out for quidditch?" "Yeah I played beater in my other school" "Is that why you declined SlugClub?" Sirius asked you nodded.
  10. Quidditch tryouts came quicker than expected. You nervously got on your broom holding you bat. You breathed in and out. You then played. James played seeker because they didn't need one. You were playing on the opposite team and the only way to win was to take out James. The Bludger came. WHAM! It hit the back of hi broom that made himm fall missing the snitch. You zoomed down, down, down. He held out ahand you grabbed it and swung him on you broom and landed. "Looks like we have a new beater!" he said you beamed and hugged him. "ThankyouThankyouThankyouThankyou!" You said. You let go and he turned red. You turned Red too. The rest of the Marauders went to congratualate you.

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