Oh Great! A love story Part 1

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Hey! I am new to this quizzing site! And I already hate the 150 words... Please tell me what you think in the comments! Give me ideas! DO SOMETHING!!!

So.. Characters- Jessica Martinez- beautiful girl meaning YOU! Logan Walker- new hottie in neighborhood Ryan Szem- Your Stupid Ex That is about it! Happy Quizzing!

Created by: Kooliekid

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  1. "What the hell!" I screamed. My "sweetheart" and I were going on a romantic dinner for two. But Ryan (sweetheart) just had to ruin it by getting into the car crash.
  2. "I was texting my mom" Ryan said. I rolled my eyes and looked at his phone. Stephanie
  3. That was about two months ago. Right now I am 14. I go to Peter's high school. And I am Single. I am Jessica Martinez. This is my story.
  4. Me and Ryan used to be the happiest couple in the 9th grade. You could forget that fairy tale. Well he was cheating on me with "Stefanie" and crashed my Mustang!
  5. I was out jogging with my mom, listening to my iPod. I looked down to change songs when I ran smack into a really hot guy.
  6. I eyed my mom and she took the hint and walked away. I was about to say something when...
  7. CLIFFHANGER!!! Yea... so will you come back?
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