paranormal me part 3

thanks for all your comments. i didnt thought in the first day i will have this much comments.thanks to all of you that gave me many ideas about the story.

i will sure put "" when the characters are saying something. and sure i will correct the spelling mistakes . i hope you have enjoyed the story for now. i will put next part as soon as i can.

Created by: coolava

  1. hi. most of the you in the comments told me if i can put some description. well in this part i am describing about the characters.
  2. Bryan: it is a boy from your school that really loves you. He has brown eyes,black smooth hair, medium height and he is six packed. he has a sister named Emma that is younger than him.Bryan is a human but as you want he is going to change! i cant tell the story more than this. his mother is dead and his dad is drunked. his best friend is Daniel.
  3. Criss: he is one of your best friends that is paranormal.he lives with you in the mansion.He is so protective and some how he is falling in love with you. if you like him dont worry he will show up in next part.He is a vampire like Nick. you know him when you was in 6 grade.He has blonde weavy hair,blue eyes, tall height and ofcourse six packed.
  4. Nick: he is the most quiet boy that you ever known. he really loves you but he is so shy. but dont worry he will asks you out one day! he is so mysteries and sometimes he acts wierd. but you love him too. he has dark hazel eyes, brown hair, average hieght and six packed.
  5. Adam: he is really tall with grean eyes and black hair. and ofcourse he is six packed.he is so funny and he will show up in the story soon. he loves you so much and he have dated you many times. you will love him too.he is the most craziest guy ever!!! he is a werewolf.
  6. Maria: she is your best girl friend.she is a werewolf like Adam. she is in love with Daniel. Daniel has asked her out many times. she is a little bit crazy but she usually uses her mind. she is average hieght, blue eyes and long black hair . she is flirty but she always protected you . she is friendly anyways.
  7. Max: he is the bad guy. he is so evil but he loves you sooooo much. thats why he wants the guys to be dead. he has grean eyes,tall hieght,black hair and six packed. He looks good but you hate him anyways.
  8. Emma: she is Bryan's little sister. she is so cute . she has hazel eyes and long brown weavy hair. as you know her mom is dead and her dad is drunked so the only one who protects her is Bryan. Bryan has done anything to protect her against her dad. well Emma is only 6 so it is really hard for her to underestand the situation. she is a paranormal but you dont know her powers yet.
  9. Daniel: as you know he is Bryans best friend and Marias boyfriend. he has grean eyes and clonde hair.He is so friendly and kind. He has helped Emma and Bryan many times. i hope you dont like him couse he is taken. Daniel isnt a paranormal but soon you will find somethings about him. He is cool either ways.
  10. your mansion: the mansion is really big. it has 8 rooms. each of you have a room for your self and the rest are:playing room,library and a lab that is the biggest one in the have 1 back yard that has a big pool. in each room you have 1 bathroom. oh i almost forgot you all have an iphone 4S, ipad 3 , ipod and a macbook pro. your mansion has 3 floors that your room is in the 3 floor with the guys.i should say that your mansion is really great and you can have so much fun exploring it. i hope this description is enough for the mansion.
  11. thanks to all of you that rated me and gave me comments. i hope this description is enough. i couldnt say everything becouse you should find out your self. thanks anyways. i hope you have enjoyed the story for now!

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