A Paranormal World Part 2

This is part 2 of my new series.

I hope you enjoy.

Created by: RayRay

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  1. You ask about Steven and Alexia says he's a newbie like you, but doesn't know how much power he holds. "We don't know either, but we are trying to find him so he doesn't do any damage. On the way we will stop at the different mansions and train with you."
  2. *Time Forward* You are at the first stop in New York City. You are staying in a beautiful mansion. Daniel tells you in your mind, "You are more beautiful than this mansion." You reply," Thanks." You were a little bit ticked because he kept reading your mind, but you weren't too upset.
  3. It is the next day, and it is time for your training session with Alex. You start with fire. He tells you to focus on the grass and make it burn. You couldn't do it this time. Alex looks you in your eyes and tells you to focus. He tells you to try again, but you couldn't take your eyes off of his. He tells you again, and you shake your head and try to focus. He laughs. You're thinking....
  4. This time you set the grass on fire, and you do your victory dance. Alex looks at you and laughs. You are both on the grass, now laughing your heads off. Alexia comes outside and tells you guys it is time for lunch.
  5. After lunch, Alexia takes you into her room and asks you a few questions. She asks," Do you like Alex?" You reply with a slight smile. "YOU DO!!" she said. "Shhhhh... They could hear you. I don't like like Alex. Maybe as a friend. I like all of the guys as a friend, not as anything more or less," you said feeling proud of your statement. "Whatever," Alexia says with a smile. She walks away leaving me alone in the room.
  6. Johnny walks in and asks you what Alexia said. You say," None of your beeswax." You both chuckle. Johnny steps closer towards you. He says," I always thought you were funny," and he kisses you. Alexia walks in and sees you both kissing.
  7. "WTF IS THIS?!"Alexia says with tears running down her face. "It's not what it looks like. He was just.... I was just..... HE KISSED ME FIRST!" you reply. Alexia tells you to get out, and you do it because you didn't want her to get more upset.
  8. You overhear Alexia and Johnny. Alexia shouts," What the hell were you thinking. I thought you loved me?! You are a backstabbing......" You get pulled away by someone. The person covers your mouth and pulls you away. You realize you're unconscious.
  9. You wake up in chains and there are skulls all around you. Someone steps out, but you can't tell who it is. You know it is a boy though. He asks," Do you know who I am?" "No," you reply innocently. "Well that's too bad. You won't know the person who is going to kill you," the person says.
  10. CLIFFHANGER!!! I think this was a good place to put a cliffhanger. I need to let my creative juices flow. Who do you like?

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