My Shout Out Quiz

Hey,guys. I was thinking today and realized I haven't gotten to properly thank all of you. So today, I've made a quiz giving shoutouts to various GTQ friends. I hope you all will enjoy this quiz, and Zane, I stole your idea ha ha ha ha ha!

please comment and rate, I do need to level up. PLEASE NOTE: if I did not get to you (tigers, angelic4,angelic, BTD, etc) it was due to time constraints, so please don't kill me. I hope you enjoy this quiz.

Created by: StitchedHeart

  1. Awesome89/Tony: You are like a brother to me. We laugh, we cry, and we always talk together. I just wish I could talk with you more often. You are one on the best people I've had the pleasure to meet
  2. Zane: you're another one who's influenced me so much. You have a humorous side as well as a sad one, and even though we barely talk, you're pretty cool.
  3. Audree: Thank you for teaching me the importance of friendly reliability. You pick me up when I fall. Thank you for being such a good friend.
  4. Swag: Best.BFF.ever. Your christian ethics and soothing nature have always helped me through thick and thin.
  5. Sweet: You're an awesome budday. you're funny, sweet, and always awesome. don't lose that awesomeness, budday!
  6. Icy: I barely know you, but I'm here to help. you're very mature for your age, and to be honest, I thought you were a mom when I stalked -ehem- I mean talked to you.
  7. El: Man, I've only talked to you a handfull of times, but you got swag, bro.
  8. Xavier: You're totally worthy of being swag's brother, you're nice, confident, and pumped full of cool.
  9. Anri: You're the best thing to ever happen to me. I love you until the end of time, and will do anything to see your beautiful face.
  10. Sorry If I didn't get to you.

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