my love life part 3

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okay so thank you all for taking this quiz. if you liked it or you know your friends would like it please request it to others. i do take a lot of imagination in order to make this quiz. so... yeah.

sorry for taking a long time to make this quiz. I went to camp for a week and my mom made me get off the laptop in order to study for the new school year. anyway... i hope you like this quiz. i put a lot into it and if you have any suggestions or anything, please comment and rate. thanks!!

Created by: cheese1234

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  1. hey "julia". well, as we left off... suddenly, the car stops. "what's going on, Aar-" Aaron cuts him off, "shh..." then he whispers, "we're not alone"...*BAM*you see a figure jump on the car. It started shaking and you look at Bryan and for the first time, he looks angry and scared. Its Andrew. You’re so shocked because his eyes somehow are darker black, if that’s possible. He looks you straight in the eye and suddenly, you black out.
  2. you wake up in a weird room. your on a soft bed with green covers and pillows. the room looks like it was built from real chopped wood. some of the walls still had wood sticking out. the floor was good. it looked smoothed and soft to walk on barefoot. most of the furniture was made of wood. you kinda liked it because it seemed relaxing. there was a nice lamp by the bed and it glowed a nice blue light. it reminded you of the sky. there was a beautiful hand-carved window. you looked outside and it was kind of dark. you frowned but then worried about your parents. you looked around the room to find your bag at the corner of the bed.
  3. you look through your bag to find your cell phone. you dial your parents phone number but nobody answers. so, you call home and once again, no answer. you then dial 911 when your phone battery dies.
  4. you think to yourself,"where did i leave my charger?" then you remember, its at your house pushed under the bed. "crap" you frown and reach for the door. its locked.
  5. you started to rattle the doorknob and you shouted,"Help me! somebody help me! heeeelp!!!" then you hear footsteps scurring towards you. you get so scared that it could be someone dangerous that you just freeze. then the door starts to open and *BAM* your on the floor. you look up to see something very blurry. you keep blinking trying to realize what just happened.
  6. you blink a few times until your eyes are finally starting to adjust but just in case, you quickly crawl back into a corner and cradle your self.
  7. finally, you can see perfectly and its the guys. alex was in the back snickering. he didn't do anything but it seems to be Antonio holding the doorknob with a worried look on his face. however, he seems to be holding in a laugh since his lips are curling up. then you see Aaron and bryan were behind Antonio trying to push him in order to get in the room.
  8. they all scuttled into the room and you gave a long sigh of relief. "hey what's up Jules. i heard some screaming and came rushing here with the rest of the guys." said Bryan.
  9. you relax and give a long sigh then say, "Phew! thanks guys. i was so scared that it was Andrew. anyway, what happened?"
  10. Alex spoke up and said, "listen Julia, there is something we have to tell you." you get up and walk towards them. they lead you out of the room and you all walk to a lving room which was much bigger than you would have imagined. there was a large wooden coffee table and the walls were painted a bright blue. you guessed its to light up the place. even the ceiling was painted a nice bright yellow and there was a green carpet. the furniture was made out of wood and it looked smoothed in able for something to be put on. there was a beautiful chandelier in the very center of the ceiling. they had a regular T.V and comfortable brown sofas. you liked it. it seemed very natural. you enjoyed nature.
  11. you all sat down and you sat in a single seated sofa by a light yellow headlamp. An awkward silence started for a few minutes so you decided to start the conversation.
  12. "First thing first," you start, "How did Andrew find us and How was i knocked out?" Bryan took a deep breath and started," this will explain most of your questions... We are all different. So are you. Alex is a vampire and dont worry he wont bite. we trained him, Aaron is a where-tiger and dont worry, he wont hurt you, we trained him too, Antonio is a Wizard or magician or whatever you call it, he has powers.. I am an angel." Aaron clears his throat and Bryan corrects himself," okay.. a fallen angel i get it." your mouth is dropped down to the floor and YOU ARE IN COMPLETE SHOCK. they stared at you for a moment waiting for a response and you clear your throat and say calmly," okay so... why am i here? by the way, why did you lock me in the room? And what do i have to do with this? How does Andrew find me all the time?" the guys shut you up and Aaron replies," Andrew is a evil vampire. the vampires have been at war for a few years now and Andrew has been on their side for quite a while. that has a little bit to do with you."
  13. you get offended and say, "what? what does that have do do with me?" Alex calms you down and says, "you see, Julia, you are very special. you are not a wizard or a witch because that means you need to know spells. you just think to yourself and something happens. you have powers that are very rare. people like you are called quells. the Evil vampires work for the Queen.
  14. "what queen?" you ask. "the queen of all inhuman creature and abilities." answered Alex. he continued,"she the normal amount and strength of Quells have is 3. the queen has 5. that means she is the most powerful. Tony has experimented on you while you were passed out. you have animal talking,orbing,invisibility, protection,shocking,mind mentality,and the four elements which each count as different powers. so that means you have 9 powers in total.
  15. " okay i can handle that. do my parents know?" you ask. Bryan answers, " your family tried to contact you but we answered and told them your fine. Tony used his power to convince them to let you stay here with us. Court ruled us able to live alone as young adults. we can care for anybody as a guardian. we care for each other here. Anyway your parents said they are going to move to New york in order to support your uncle who's life is falling apart. they'r gonna help him get back on his feet. plus, they'r going to send your cousin John over here to help us out. they said that he will help protect you from the enemies and they want us to start training him as a proper wizard like Tony."
  16. "So ima stay with you and my literally pathetic cousin is joining us so that i can babysit him?" Aaron has been your friend since you were kids and he knows your cousin. John is a little pathetic but he seems to be a "player". you really dont like him. oh well. so Aaron replies," yup, make sure your friends don't fall for him." you all laugh. then you hear a knock on the door. you all look at each other then Bryan gets up to get the door. before he could get a hold of the door knob, it bursts open and....CLIFFHANGAR!!!

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