Midnight Love (Part 11)

Midnight Love Part 11 is out hell yeah!!!! What, what (Me: Oh by the some dies.) (You: what?) *Scrolls to see who* (Me: Just joking for now maybe someone else will soon still thinking if it's a good idea or not???)

So are you liking the series want to read more well you can't sadly sorry to say it but it's true and I am going as fast as humanly possible okay calm the down bubby take a chill pill now please I beg you???

Created by: Beautiful Games

  1. *Flashback* November 22, 1968 I have been around now for 106 years the world has really changed everyone is a hippie these day. Life is all about drugs, rock n roll and peace what has the world to come to now? Today The Beatles have come with there White Album and I had to get my hands on it there the greatest british band ever know to man and 1 of my favorites. I had on a blue bandana with a orange long sleeve shirt grey pants and a pair of brown flats. I walked to a music store called Peace of Music it was the most popular store in Los Angelous.
  2. "Hey Billy." I said while walking in the store. Billy had long dark brown hair and always wore his stripped white & blue long shirt with his long grey pants. "Hey Tatiana what's up?" Billy said. "Nothing much I wanted my copy of the white album I have on hold now please?" I asked. "The Beatles right Tatiana?" Billy said. "Yes how much?" I asked. "$11.79" Billy said. "Groovy here's 15 keep the change Billy bye." I said. "Peace Tatiana!" Billy said with his middle & index finger out. I left the store.
  3. I was walking down the street when a second later someone grapped my arm and then someone put some type of fabric over my mouth and then everything went black. When I woke up my arms were tied and the blood had gone threw my shirt and was wet.The room was all grey and there was a huge glass window across from me but no one on the other side. What I could see of my reflection it looked like I cut my face almost everywhere. A tall muscular guy who looked to be about his 30's walked in the room all alone. Who was he? I thought.
  4. His hair looked exactly like Elvis Presly and he wore a black shiny jacket with a black shirt and blue pants. "Who the hell are you?" I asked while trying to keep my eyes open. He then looked at me with digust and slapped me across the face hard. My mouth was filled with blood and I spit on the ground to my right. "So your Than the most powerful one of us all huh you think your special don't you well your not." He said very unhappy. "Thats not my name!" I said while trying to look angrier then him.
  5. "Oh yeah thats right you go by what was it again Tatiana eh what a stupid name I guess it suits you." He said. Everything in my body went to over drive and before I knew it his body had turned to ash when I stabbed him with the piece of wood I carry in my pocket. Before anything a women covered head to toe in all black said, "You have only 44 more years left until this day before the world starts dying if you don't sacrafice your self the world as we know it will die you were warned." She had then vanished in a second right after she had told me.
  6. "When you sacrafic your self you do it where you were turned" She said telepathicly and I had never heard from her since that day.*Flashback Ends* "Than I mean Tatiana whoever you are why didn't you tell anyone of us about this sooner?" Trinana said looking scared at me. "Because if I did I knew you would react like this!" I said in a soothing voice. "Well how do you think we would then?" Trinana said furious. I then changed into a vampire and Trinana was in pain for a second."Trinana look at me! I shouted
  7. "You will forget what we talked about but only remember us talking about you understand and you said you needed to shower okay" I said into her eyes as they dilated and shead 1 tear after I did. I left the room wiped the tear away and walked to my room forgetting about everything I just talked to Trinana about I still had time even thought November was only 1 month away from now. I am ready for death we go back far together I always thought of it as peaceful and a friend in some sort of way when I was little. This was my time to die and I am ready to accept my faith now I just never knew it before.
  8. CLIFFHANGER?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
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