Middle Ages Story Part 1

You are Princess _____ and you live in court. You are happy until your mother dies. Can you escape your evil stepmother, who is scheming to be queen, or will you die under her heel?

You must be shrewd, polite, diplomatic, not so nice, and always on your toes to make sure you will be queen one day. Keep you wits about you and remember that both Queen Desil and King Leo can kill you at any time.

Created by: Belladonna
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  1. You are Princess ______. Your father is King Leo and your mother is Queen Roselle. Suddenly, your mother falls sick and dies, and within days, your father remarries a woman named Desil!
  2. What do you wear to your wedding, only three days into mourning your mother?
  3. You go to the wedding in your gown and it is beautiful, but then, at the reception, Queen Desil comes up to you. She hisses in your ear, "Watch your step, child. All of this country, and all of your father, is mine." You...
  4. You are dancing with a Duke when the Duchess of Cavelle screams and collapses on the table. A servant plucks the cup from her hand. "It's arsenic!" he says.
  5. You wake up in the morning and dress in a gown. Which one?
  6. You open your door and then you see a paining nailed to it! It is a crude copy of your old family portrait when you were younger and Roselle was still alive. But in this one, you, Roselle, and the King are all missing their heads and sitting on the throne is Desil!
  7. You have eating supper when the king comes up to you. "Why are you spreading lies about your stepmother?" he asks. You go to show him the portrait, but it has been stolen!
  8. You keep eating after being forgiven by His Highness. Desil is flashing you mean looks the whole meal. Then, right before you take a sip of wine, your taster falls to the ground, having taken the first sip. He has been poisoned with poison meant for YOU!
  9. You are getting up when a courier says to meet him by the rose garden to discuss the Queen. You say yes because"”
  10. You meet a huge group of court people, who are planning a rebellion. They ask if you want part in it. You say yes. Then they ask you to poison Queen Desil and give you the poison to slip into her cup. You do what the next morning?

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