Michigan DUI Quiz

Few people understand much about Michigan's drunk driving laws and procedures. This quiz tests your understanding of different subjects regarding drinking and driving in Michigan. Test your knowledge on this subject to see where you stand!

Do you understand Michigan drunk driving law? Think you can answer a few questions on this subject? See where you stand in your legal and technical understanding on Michigan DUI laws!

Created by: William Maze of Michigan Drunk Driving Blog
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  1. Michigan law states that:
  2. A completely sober motorist is:
  3. A serious drunk driving accident statistically involves a drunk driver with a blood alcohol level of:
  4. Choose the best answer to the following question. If a person drinks on an empty stomach, that person will:
  5. Assuming averages, if a woman weighing 150 lbs. and a man weighing 150 lbs. drink the same amount of alcohol during the same time period, then:
  6. Assuming an average woman, if a woman weighing 125 lbs. drinks consistently over a four hour period, she is over the legal limit if she has consumed:
  7. Assuming the average woman's average boyfriend weighs 180 lbs. and he drank six 12 fl.oz. beers with 4% alcohol by volume over four hours. He is:
  8. A person can sober up by:
  9. Which of the following is NOT a clue that driver might be intoxicated?
  10. Pick the one answer that is NOT true to complete this sentence. Sobriety checkpoints are:
  11. A police officer can tell if a person is intoxicated by:
  12. The NHTSA standardized field sobriety tests used by Michigan police officers are:
  13. If you refuse a preliminary breath test (PBT) by a police officer, you will:
  14. For evidential breath testing, Michigan uses:
  15. The most accurate method to determine a person's blood alcohol level is through:
  16. Choose the BEST answer. If a hospital performs an analysis of a person's blood to determine the amount alcohol using serum or plasma, then:
  17. If a police officer places a person under arrest for drunk driving and requires the driver to submit to a breath test at the police station, then:
  18. Under Michigan law, the strong odor of intoxicants on a driver's breath means:
  19. A police officer is trained to describe the odor of intoxicants as "weak, moderate, or strong." The difference between these three means:
  20. Michigan's drunk driving statute states that if a person is arrested for drunk driving and submits to the officer's chemical test, the driver has the right to an independent test at his or her own expense. This means:
  21. If an officer refuses to permit a Michigan motorist the right to an independent chemical test even though the driver submitted to the officer's requested test, the remedy is:
  22. True or False: a Michigan police officer must advise a suspected driver of his or her Miranda rights before questioning the motorist during the roadside investigation?
  23. If a person is convicted of drunk driving ___ times within ___ years, the driver's license is revoked permanently, but they are eligible to reapply after 1 year.
  24. If a person's license is revoked, they cannot:
  25. The person in charge of Michigan's breath testing program is:
  26. True or False: A driver who has not consumed any alcohol can still be convicted of drunk driving.
  27. True or False: A person who has any marijuana in his or her body is considered legally drunk under Michigan law, even if that person is driving perfectly.
  28. True or False: any person who takes prescribed medication (even if it doesn't diminish driving abilities) is at risk of being convicted of drunk driving because that person has taken a "controlled substance."
  29. True or False: A person who is falling down and hardly able to stand up after ingesting a substance that is not illegal or proscribed cannot be convicted of drunk driving.
  30. The Drug Recognition Expert program has developed a specialized form of field sobriety tests to determine whether a person is under the influence of certain drugs. Michigan has:

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