Magic love part 4

Part three is out! Happy time! I'm really tired right now and kinda want to finish this up so, yeah. I also drank a monster while I was typing questions and results, so yeah... :3

Here's some descriptions. Your 17, have dirty blond hair, and gray eyes. Matt: flippy brown hair and gray eyes. Jake: short black hair and gray eyes. Jordan: flippy black hair with brown eyes. Zach: short blond hair with blue eyes.

Created by: Birdsong234

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  1. Recap: your in your room, and woke up to a strange knocking on your door.
  2. You slowly get out of your bed, slip on your slippers, (:3) and grab a flashlight. You make your way towards the door and open it... And the only thing that happens is a brush of cold air on your leg. You sigh kinda in relief, and shuffle back to your bed. You glance at your alarm clock, 2:47 am. Your finally just getting under the covers when someone shoves a bag over your head and knocks you out! :o
  3. When you wake up an hour or so after, you feel cold stone underneath you. You start to get up but your head screams pain at you. You slide back down with a groan. Someone must have been waiting outside of your cell because the door opened and, (i must say,) a guy with chocolate brown hair, and emerald green eyes walked in. He would have been handsome had it not been for a scar that ran across his face. He walked in and smiled at you, no trace of warmth in it. "Hello lovely. My names Keith." he said with a slight British accent. But then his smile dissapeared as he crouched down beside you. "This is where you THANK me for my manners!" he snarled, slapping you across the face making your head hurt even more. Tears spring to your eyes as you mumble thanks. This guy is insane!
  4. He grabs your arm and drags you out of the cell. As you walk by another cell you hear crying, and in another one, screaming. Keith shoves you into the cell that someone was screaming in. And what you say was horror. There was a girl there, a bit younger than you, maybe 15, with her arms covered in tons of cuts, most of them fresh. She looks up at you, her face stained with tears, but there was still a light of defiance in them. Keith shoved you along, and into a small cage. He locked it and called someones name, walking off. You don't know how long you were in there, you just knew you were starving, and probably a bruised face. You couldn't sleep, but didn't want to look at the horrifying images around you so you closed your eyes. Just then you heard more screams, but this time more like battle crys. The boys were here! You started yelling for them, but your voice was hoarse from not drinking anything for most of the day. You just crouched there, until you saw Jake blow someone onto a spike, he was dead instantly. Jake spotted you and yelled at Jordan to get you. Jordan ran over to your cage and broke it open with a rock. "______ you have to teleport us out of here now!" he yelled over the chaos. You summoned every last scrap of your energy and forced it over both of you, teleporting to the house. You collapsed to the ground as you saw Jordan run into the house...
  5. You wake up in a soft bed and in a room with brown walls and cream carpet. Jordans sitting next to you on the bed, listening to his iPod. You poke him in the side, and smile weakly as he looks at you. "______!" he grabbed you into a big hug. You winced and he let go, cheeks turning a bit red. "Sorry..." he said smiling at you. "Where are the guys?" you ask, starting to get worried. "Their downstairs, just making sure that no one gets the idea to steal you back." he said. He saw the big bruise on your cheek, and his eyes widened. "Did Keith do that to you?!" he said, a look of anger coming into his eyes. You nod, and he runs into his bathroom. He comes back with some ice and some kind of cream. He gently rubs the cream on your cheek, staring into your eyes. You felt your sense slipping away, as Jordan took control of your mind. (on accident, so whatever was going on in his mind, was what you were doing. O.O) You felt your hands drag his head towards yours, and you start making out. You roll over an land on top of him, hands sliding up his shirt. Jordan finally realized that it was HIM that was making you do this, so he broke eye contact. You looked at him, utterly shocked, and ran to your own room, head pounding.
  6. You slammed your door, locking it. The other guys heard the noise, and ran to your room. "______?! _______ are you in there?!" You heard Zach yelling. You opened your door, and all of them except Jordan were standing there, and they looked worried. But as thy saw you, they each took turns hugging you and kissing your forehead. "How long was I gone?" you ask. "Since last night." Matt says, starting to look peeved at Keith. They all hug you again, and go to see why Jordan wasn't there.
  7. You took a long shower, letting the heat relax your head, and you decided to wear...
  8. You fixed your hair, put some makeup on, and walked downstairs to eat something, because you were starving. You walked into the kitchen and saw Jake talking on the phone, obviously ordering something. "Oh _____, what do you want from (Chinese restaurant)?" You tell him your favorite meal, and grab an apple, cutting it into slices. You sat down on the couch and turned the tv to your favorite movie, eating the apple. You felt someones hands covering your eyes, and then sitting next to you. It was Zach. "What are you watching?" he asks. "(favorite movie)." you say. He nods and says, "I'm glad your back _______." and kisses your cheek.
  9. Jake gets back with the food, and you all sit down at the table. Jordan is there to, but he won't make eye contact. Most of the meal was in silence, so you break it with a cough. "I was wondering if you guys wanted to watch a movie tonight." you say. "Ok, which one do you want to watch?" Matt asks, still not looking at you. "How about Sherlock Holmes?"(the new one) they just nod. "Alright, what are you guys not telling me?" you ask, starting to get annoyed. Matt glances at Zach, Zach glances at Jake, and Jake glances at you. Jake clears his throat and says, "_______ I know this may sound awkward but, your actually royalty." you stare at him. " Waitwaitwait, I thought you said that I just got my powers?" you say. "That's what we thought. But then Zach got another result on his computer and it's something only relatives to the royal throne have." Jake says. "You have invisibility. And, um, the other thing is, you, are the last person that has rights to the throne soo, um, Matt why don't you tell her?" Matt glares at him for a second but then tells you slowly, "_______ you need to choose one of us to repopulate the line of royalty." he says, his face turning red.
  10. You stare at them, then get up. "I'm gonna go think about all of this." you say, walking to your room. You lay on your bed and stare at the ceiling thinking, "atleast its one of them." About an hour later, you walk down to the living room. You put Sherlock Holmes in, and sit next to --------. Around halfway in the movie, -------- puts his arm around your shoulder. And during the last part, which was a kissing scene, he leaned over and kissed you. Full on the lips.
  11. It was a pretty good movie, and after your kiss with --------, you looked at your watch. 10:00. So you went to your room, ------ volunteering to watch for Keith for a bit, just in case he got any ideas. >.< You fell asleep almost instantly, and woke up to fin sunlight streaming through your curtains, and ------- Jake sleeping in a chair next to you. You smothered a laugh, because his head was tilted back, and his arms and legs sprawled all over the place. You poked him in the side, and jumped out of the way as he fell to the ground. He got up quickly and looked around. When he saw you laughing he ran at you, and heaved you up onto his shoulder. It just made you laugh harder. He carried you out towards the pool (yes you have a pool) and dumped you in, with your pajamas still on. He jumped in after you, and you both splashed each other, until you got the idea to teleport behind him under water. You jumped out of the water and leaped onto his back, bringing you both back under water. You both got out, panting, and lay next to each other. The sun dried you off, and you both walked into the house holding hands.
  12. You take a shower and put on dryer clothes. As your putting on your pants (still no shirt) Zach knocks and opens your door. "ZACH!" you shout. He quickly shouts sorry and shuts the door. You pull a tank top and a zip up hoodie on, and open the door. Zachs standing there when you open the door, his face still red. "______, I'm so sorry... I was just coming to tell you that you need some training with your new power, so, I'll meet you in the garden." he walks away, with you following.
  13. You both arrive in the garden, and you stand facing each other. "Alright, now what you do is focus on nothing. Let your mind go blank and after nothings in your mind, suddenly focus on being invisible." Zach said, staring into your eyes. Your heart pretty much stopped, as you stared into those deep blue eyes.... But then you remembered what you were supposed to be doing. You closed your eyes and cleared your head... Then suddenly thought about invisibility. Zachs eyes widened, which probably meant you turned invisible. "That was quick." you say. "Now how do I turn back?" Think about the happiest moment in your life. You think about kissing -------. And suddenly, your visible. "That was fun." you say. You grin slyly, turn invisible, walk behind Zach, turn into a butterfly, (*gasps for breath*) and land on his shoulder, tickling his ear with your wings. He looks over at you, smiling. Just then you lose concentration, and turn into a person again, resulting with you landing on top of Zach.
  14. You blush, but just then Zach kisses you. He pushes your back down, and you land on his abs. (yes it was a short distance but whatev.) you two kiss passionately until you hear someone open the gate. It was Matt. His mouth hangs open, and then he just shrugs sadly and walks away. You look apologetically at Zach, and get up and run after Matt. You catch up with him at the door. "Matt I'm sorry, we just fell and..." you didnt get to say anything else. He pressed his finger to your lips. "Its okay." was all he said. Then walked into the house.
  15. You walk into the house and go to your room, and give a shout of surprise as you see...
  16. Who do you love so far?

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