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okay, so, this is the grand FINALE of the MY LOVE LIFE series. i really hope you like it and i did start a new story quiz. it's called ~forbidden love~ i hope you like it!

please take my nexzt quiz series and i really hope you like this grand finale!! please comment and rate too! shout out to _ViolaLover_ , live laugh quiz , xxblutixx , and krdffdpfan !!!! you guuys commented and took the last quiz!! u rock!!

Created by: cheese1234

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  1. left off: you feel the cold steel on your hands and it is gently touching you. it was softly(not puncturing) dragging along your arm, lips, side of the stomach, down your long legs, and your feet. suddenly
  2. the door breaks down and something hard pierces your stomach. you could taste the metal in your mouth. you feel something wet spreading on your clothes and you were getting cold.
  3. you slowly lose the feeling in your legs. your stomach burns as you struggle to breath. the smell the blood is filling the air. someone shouts, "Julia! NO!!" but you can barely hear. your eye sight goes fuzzy as well as your hearing. the pain in your stomach is gone. you no longer breath and everything goes black.
  4. you wake up in the dark. something is wrapped around you and it's very annoying. what is it? a blanket? no. its too rough to be a blanket.
  5. After about an hour or two of sleeping (you were really sleepy) you woke up cuz you were sore. you try to stretch but you were still wrapped by something. the only difference was that this time, there was a huge weight around you and you smelled dirt. smell... why does that sound familiar?
  6. the smell of something else... BLOOD!!! the smell of blood was gone! you struggled until you finally reached your stomach. no hole. it was gone!! what else? someone else. someone else came to save you! who? it was a male voice. that was for sure.
  7. *pause* okay before i get on with the story, i'd like to say that this is the last quiz in the "my love life" series and when this quiz gets out, so will the 1st quiz of my next series, "forbidden love". anyway, well, since idk whether you guys like tony or Aaron, ima put _______ and you fill in whether its Aaron or Tony u like. when i put () then its Tony or Aaron depending on who you DONT like. sorry if its confusing.
  8. you finally realized what was wrapped around you! it was a bag! you were zipped up in a body bag. you used fire to burn through the bag when u realized you were underground! you couldn't believe it. did they think you were dead and bury you?! "how rude!" you thought. so, as you split the dirt out of your way so you can breath normally, (remember you have the power is earth) you crawled out of the darn whole and dusted yourself off.
  9. once you were exceptionally clean, you took a look around the place. the graveyard. ugh! its a long walk to the palace. wait, you called rose to give you a ride to the castle. she was glad to. you arrived to the castle and found that the whole magical village was there. you struggled getting to the front doors you once entered. you froze in your tracks as you saw castle soldiers taking the youngest children from families.
  10. *tong, tong* a gong hushed the crowd of villagers refusing to give up their children. two people dressed in very royal, fancy dressing stepped onto the main balcony. they looked familiar. of course, Andrew and Belinda. andrew was dressed in the regular black and white tuxedo. he looked exactly how he did in homecoming. *Flashback* he just rang the doorbell and as you rushed down the stairs, you saw him, the original black and white tuxedo along with the bouquet of roses. he held out a hand and after a few pictures, escorted you out the door *end of flashback*
  11. belinda had her hair back in a braid and was wearing a classy-formal black dress a little longer than knee-length. it sparkled in the village lights. a microphone was handed to them and Andrew spoke, "in order for each family to express their devotion in our new reign, we will take one of your children. the youngest! unless, of course, if they are 1-2 years old. 3 and above. if you have no children, then we will take the wives. if you are single, then we will just take you. we will be hones t with all of you since you do not have the liberty or power to rule us out of reign, we are taking a family member as slaves.
  12. you remember, that Tony and Aaron are here. or at least one of them. you need to help them. they could be dying at this very moment!! you put your hair in your face and step in the line with a very old couple with a very sick old lady. as they are giving their last kiss, you step into it and say trying to make your voice break, "im their only child." the soldier pushes you into the dungeon and calls the next people in line. you look at the cell, it is filled with children crying and hugging their only friends. then, up in the corner of the cell, you see _______.
  13. "_____!!" you exclaim. you run to him as you jump over and go around children. he's in a corner crying and it brings tears to your eyes. "______, why are you crying?" you ask. he looks up at you with a confused face and his eyes brighten up as he meets yours. "Julia!!! you r alive! HOW? I SAW YOU DEAD! YOU HAD NO PULSE!" he shouted. you smile and say, "i dont know. maybe i'm meant to be queen. come on, lets help these kids." you burned through the cell and ______ knocked out any soldier in your way. the kids ran out to their families and on your way up to the balcony you hear belinda say, "also, we took the place of a person who really deserves this throne. Julia. yes, we fought her off and killed her. so, now that she's dead. we are the rightfull heirs. there's nothing you peasants can do about it eaither, haha!what the- get those children!" she said as she pointed to the mob of children pushing their way to their families.
  14. something occurred to you as you were about to step onto the baclony. you stepped closer to ______ and asked, "where's ()?" he looks down and replies, "he's one of them." you feel shocked as you think of one last friend against you. how terrible.
  15. you hold back the tears but one escapes. he cups your chin in his hand as he pulls you close. he then says, "hey, hey, hey. don't cry. i'm still here. Zera and john are on their way. cat and her boyfriend are with them. you'r not alone." you nod as he pulls you close. lips only mere millimeters apart. when,
  16. () steps up saying, "your right. now, who wants to die once and for all?" you two separate and _____ says, "go. im handling ()" and () replies to him, "oh, your gonna 'handle' me are you, _________?" they start fighting and you run out to the balcony.
  17. belinda hears your footsteps and whips around. andrew looked at her curiously and slowly turned to face you. Bell gasped and he widened his eyes in shock. "i thought i killed you", he breathed. you replied with a wide grin oon your face, "yeah so did i. excuse my late absence. i took a nap. now, you can either surrender, or, you could fight me and die. either way, you choose." Bell held his hand and he yanked it away. he stepped up to you and knelt down saying, "thank you so much Julia. i was under her spell. i'm so sorry for being a jerk. please take me back?" you rolled your eyes and scoffed. you punched him in the face and knocked him out. belinda tried to run away but Zera and John were at the door and ______ came up to you and held your hand. you looked down, trying not to blush and gasped, "where'd he go?" andrew was gone. John stepped up and kissed your cheek saying, "they'r all in the dungeon. i can't believe i learned, huh? congrats, cousin. you won a long and hard game." you felt tingling all over when hi kissed you. then, as you looked down, you were wearing a beautiful gown your favorite color and it reached your ankles. you were wearing silver heals that didn't hurt at all so it was pretty magical. your long hair was down and curly/straight and _______was matching. (sorry if you think its tacky. its all i could think of!) ______then stepped up to the microphone laying on the floor and said, "we are the rightful rulers and we promise to make everyone happy. first thing first: take your children and wives back. there are only servant who actually want to work here." THE END
  18. okay thank you all so much! this is the last quiz of the " my love life " series. take my new series called, Forbidden Love . take part 1 please. it gets out the same time this quiz got out. omc! its 12:00!! good night! btw, for those who didn't know, omc means oh my cheese. okay now goodnight!

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