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  • Why? Why did I lose all of the guys I liked? Haven't you thougt about any of the fans of the guys who turned evil? I loved Alex. Bryan was my second favourite. I honestly almost cried when I saw Alex was one of the bad guys. Seriously. I cry easily. Sort of. I am really good at holding back tears. I usually wait 'til I'm alone to let the tears fall, but I always cry on the inside. Always. Why did you do that? In the start, I loved your series. I fell for Alex almost immediately. But then, it started to change. First Andrew(not that I liked him that much), then Alex, the Belinda, then Bryan,then one of the two guys that were left? Look, I really don't want to be mean. But I don't think this is how a love story should turn out to be. Please think about it while you're doing the "Forbidden Love" series, okay?

  • It's over I really loved this series *SOB*

  • I loved this quiz.

    Maddie Hollywood
  • oh my gosh i loved this!

    Jade Black
  • Ahhhh it's over!!! A good series, cheese1234... I NEED to go take your other quiz now :P

    P.S. you rock too! :3

  • really this whole cheesy time iv got aaron so whats up wit dat?

    serenity smith

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