Love Story-- Part 4

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Oh Helloooo.:) I hope you like this series and have come back for more!! If you seem to cant find Parts 1-3.. click on my nae.:) ThanksSoMuch! Bye Now&&Enjoy!

Love ya, people who like meh quizes as much as I like them!!! xDDD.. I hope you have fun && enjoy these as best as you can. I dont know when part 5'll be out, but Im sure I'll try.:) Thnks again!! Bye! ~Remy~

Created by: RemysFault

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  1. You wake up in a cold and damp dark room. "Hello?!?!?!" You try to yell but your voice seems to be.. shakey. You cough then try to yell again. "HELLO?!" "Shhhhhh." You hear in return. "Shhhhhh my girl. Shhhhhh." The voice says again. Um. "Get. Meh. OUT." You yell at the voice. "Shhhhh young one." It says again. And you're thinking, 'Does this guy get anything Im saying?' The voice laughs. "I got you, do you get that?" It says. "Oh s---. You can read meh mind?" You say to it. "Yes, but of course." You get up and walk around what you can see of the cell. You feel you're way on the wall, and the wall is wet and.. and slimy.
  2. "Let. Her GO!" You hear shome guy say. "What did you say to me, Nate?" The voice said. "I said. LET HER GO." Nate yelled. What do you think of this new guy?
  3. The boy comes into veiw and the first thing you see in him is is eyes. There... purple. He has black hair with red streaks. He's actually REALLY cute, you think. "Hi ((You Name)). Im Nate." He says to you, flashing off his White Teeth Smile. "Hey Nate."
  4. Nate throws his sord, right through Knoctivia. "My hero!" You say sarcasticly. "Hey! It'll work, just watch it, Cutie." He winks at you and you think 'OMGee!! He called meh Cutie!' And before you're eyes, the shadow disitegrates! "Wow. It DID work." You say. "Yep, all in the power of meh great-o sword: Sword of the Great." He winks at you again. He unlocks the cell door, how?, and takes you're hand, pulling you to him. "Ahem" he says. You just stare at him. "((Your Name))?" He says again. "Oh, sorry." You said, blushing. "Its okay, I strangley get that a lot." He laughs and you continue blushing. He kisses you and what do you do?
  5. Im assuming you kiss him, but when you do, he pulls back quickly. "Im.. Im sorry." He says. "Um, its okay..?" You reply. "I just.. sorr.y" The he walks away, leaving you soo confuzzled. "Omgee!! Thank God you're alive ((Your Name))!! We were soo freaking worried!!" You jumped to hear Michael's voice. "Oh, hey. I. um.." You said. "Lets get you outta here, hun." You nod and grab his shoulder, containing you're balance. "You okay?" He asks you, voice in consern. You just nod, feeling dizzy all of a sudden.
  6. You arrive back at the house, completely out of it. You hear screaming voices. "...if you love her! You cant just freaking COME INTO ALL OF THIS and assume your in love with her! Its not right!" You hear Adam say. ahem:3 Yell. "I dont really care! You just want her to your FREAKING self!" You heard a familar voice. "Hey guys. We're back." You say. "Oh, hey ((Your Name))." Nathan said, coming into veiw. "Hey Nathan, what happened back there?" You asked. "Nothing..." He shoke his head and his eyes widened. Adam came into veiw also. "Did you say something happened?" Ugh. My head hurts, just leave it be., you think, clearly annoyed. "Ugh, Adam. Shut up." And to get him to shut up, you went up to Nathan and gave him a long, shmexii kiss. You broke away and glanced at Adam, who was shocked and most of all, ticked off. Mission accomplished. "Bye now!" You say to both of them, grabbing Michael's hand to steady you. You black out.
  7. You awake to Michael's face. Right in yours. Sorta. He was sleeping. Your pretty sure he was... he looked so peaceful. So vulnerable. So sweet. Not himself. You kissed him, right on those lips and shoke him awake. "H-Hey." He yawned. "Hey," You said back. "Sleep well?" You nod. "You?" He nods. You stare at each other for a moment, then he leans in and kisses you. You kiss back, feeling the warm sensation run through your veins. Your now ontop of this Boy. Making out. WHOA.
  8. You wake up on Michael's chest. You hear banging downstairs in the kitchen. You wake up Michael and get up to walk out the door. You quietly walk/jog downstairs and open the kitchen door to find... "Hello ((Your Name)). Nice to see you again."
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