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  • Your Result: You received Card 4#

    Card 4# is what you received. Now, let me look into my crystal ball to see what lies ahead of you in the future. Yes, I see good news coming. You will be a successful and famous author of many books. You love writing with a passion and best of all, you write and earn a lot of money and cash from it. Your books are entertaining for all ages and you keep writing them. Soon, you will meet up with a tragedy in life. You will survive a car accident, luckily. Then, in the hospital, you meet the perfect...guy for you. He asks you, "Hey, are you the author who published that book I love to read?" and you say yes. Then you slowly get to know him. He's a nurse, he treated you from the car accident and his name starts with a B. He has brown hair and lovely eyes. It is said that you may have known him in your teen years, but you can't really remember him much. You two will start dating for 9 months, then get married and have 2 children. Melissa and Andre. You will die in your lovers arms!

    Ohmygosh!! !! This is amazing!!!! :D It's been my dream to be a famous author, and my future husband's name starts with a B... hmmm, interesting. I was hoping for "A" but... omg... could it be... him? *smiles* I know a cutie with brown hair who's name starts with a B. :D

  • I received card number four. I love to read and write. I'm currently writing a book called Different, and parts one and two are already finished on this website. I've always imagined I'd fall in love with a guy whose name sarts with a B... freaky...

    TNMEBDMS girl
  • I LOVED IT! 2 kids!! I wanted to kids. Twins run in the family and if I have kids it's most likey to be twins. (every 2nd one. Like my mum Is a twin but she didn't have twins) Sorry I just loved this!! I love writing books/stories and I love reading

  • Thanks everyone for the lovely comments.

    I really appreciate you taking my quiz and commenting :)

    Please don't forget to tell your friends and spread the word!

  • You received card 2#

    Card 2# is what you've received. Now, let me look into my crystal ball to see what lies ahead of you in the future. Ooh, I see you becoming famous. You will either become a famous actor or singer. You will find love in the studio. He has dark hair and enchanting hazel eyes. You two will date for a few months, but beware! He has thou heart of an evil two break up and you will feel heartbroken in love. But alas! there will be some will fine another lover. His name starts with a J, he is an actor with blonde hair and brown eyes. You two will date for 2 years and then get married. You will have no kids...yet. Now, you are a famous singer/actor. You will have a lot of fans because you can sing/act very well! You will become rich and lead to a superstar life! As the years past, you and your husband will have a baby. It's a girl! Her name will be in between Samantha and Sarah. She will grow up to be just like her mum! Good luck and farewell!

    :D OMG ILL BE AN ACTRESS AND A SINGER! or at least one of them. and my baby' s mame will be.... DONT TELL ME ITS MY NAME! and hope the guys name is uh... nevermind. ok back to the famous thing. when i sing... i think i sound like the singer who sang the song. but mostly... like charice. and i act pretty well but i dont think that well. IDK! and btw, if i really become famous... I WILL MAKE FIREY_SOUL'S BOOKS EVEN MORE FAMOUS THAN ME! but only if i become famous. ;) hehe lol. ok now ill start that even though im not famous. PLEASE READ PARANORMAL LOVE SERIES BY FIREY_SOUL! AND IF YOU DONT... YOU SHALL DIE! LOL JK! OK BYE!

  • This is really freaky! I got star athlete and competing in the olympics. Not so sure I'll make it that far. But I do love sport so you never know!

    Please try my new quiz "What is your body shape?!"

  • I received Card 4#!

    I love reading books and writing books or stories. In a good day, I wish to be a famous author.

    Amazing quiz!

  • @Firey_soul I got the same as you!!! It's also my dream to become a author!!! Even known I kind of young I have lots of time to improve my writing!

  • Awww, no children? XD well, it was an awesome quiz and I do LOVE animals, but I also LOVE writing books/stories.

  • I got Card 6#!

    Cool! But it was a bit scary, like, those bad things happening?

  • Wow...
    Freaky quiz!!

  • nice

  • Cool, I got Card 2# :)


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