Its a love story 1

Well i created this story because i really felt like creating a love story that ends not so good! and you get to pick how you feel! like i just wanted people to just get the story!

well in the story ur a girl! you get to choose who you are! you could be you or you could be someone else! you get to discover different guys! and what person they are!!!

Created by: lovestoryxoxo

  1. so it your first time in high school. And u decide to take recording classes. your class starts at 9:30am! and when you woke up it was 9:24! OH CRAP!!! you yell. u hurry take your bath brush your teeth! u know do the basicess. then you noticed u had a problem you need something good to wear! but your almost running out of time! so u decide to wear a navy blue skirt with black converse and a light pink tank top! with a short jean jacket on top! u start running and heading to class parying that u wouldn't be as late as you hope you would!
  2. When you walk into class everyone's staring at you! so you decide to take a seat next to this guy! he has big blue eyes and dark hair. he starts at you with a relly warm smile on his face! you feel like heaving at that moment! "hey" he says! u nod at him. "so ur late" he tells you! u nodd again. he rolles his eyes! "u don't talk much for a first commer" he tisses u some more! then u get pissed! "would u stop talking to me ur really annying me! right now!!" u say at him! your eyes at red and mean! "sorry! just giving you taste of a new commer. hey by the way my name is Tesen! and ur hot" u blush! (by the way ur really hot in this story) "yah and my name is****" u tell him! he gives u a very sweet smile! that makes you feel so good!
  3. after 5 classes its lunch!and you don't know where to sit! so u decide to sit at a table close to the window! and then a guy with shaggy blond hair came! he had small Ocoean eyes! and when he saw you sitting there he smiled! "nice to know u would like to sit with me" he said! at first you didn't notice him! then you sot your head up! "oh sorry i didn't see you there i better just go" u say getting ready to leave. but then he held ur and said to you "no don't sty! and i'll intoduce you to some of my friends! they'll love of a hot chick like you" he smiled and then stood up to show you his friends! you smiled! "ur really cute" "thxs" u blush! "oh by the way my name is Eian! and ur is ****! rit?" "yah! u got it right"!
  4. so after Eien intorducess you to his friends it was time for class. Ur next class was how to recorde music! when u got there you were in a recording studio! gosh you loved! it took your breath away! Then u mistakenly bumbed into this guy who was looking around! "i am so sorry"! u say! "its ok. should have looked where i was going"! he said at you! He had noraml gray eyes with wavey full boy red hair! he was really cute! you chuckled! "so what are you doing in electrons class"? he ask you. you looked shocked by that comment! " sorry did i say any thing wrong"? he askes you. you shake you head. u tell him "NO its just tht i was looking for the recording studio"! "oh thats down the hall. let me show you". you to walk down the hall together."hey um... my name is Owin"! "nice name! my name is ****"! u say! u both walk together down the hallway!
  5. after you go home you decide to watch some judge judy and have some alone time! when you hear a knock on the door! you see two guys! one is Teasen and the other is a guy you don't regordnize! "hey ***! um.. i was thinking scence your new maybe we would like to show you around twon"1 Tesean says! scence there's not much for you to do you say yes. so the three of you decide to go outside. "where'd you like to go first?" Tesean askes you. "scence i don't know anyplace around here u lead"! "oh hi um.. u guys forgot me! my name is Jason"! he says! he has light brown hair with black eyes. you laugh! "yah i don't think we can EVER 4get" u say! "i have to go guy! sorry!" Tesen says! so u were stuck alone with Jason
  6. When Tesean left Jason started acting up! "so like um... Whatda wanna do now"? he askes you. "i dunno! thut u were still gonna take me on tour" you say! he nodds his head! Then when you reach the alstare store There was this girl with red hair and she was really pretty! Jason ran off to meet her and he ditched you just like tht! so u try to find ur way throu the store wen u saw jason kissing the girl with red hair! he was so into it! u got groosed out! and about to leave! when someone took you by the hand! he was a guy. And he was strong with abbs! he carried you!"wanna do it with me baybe"? "get the hell of me you idioit"! Yelling! Jasom turned his head and saw what was happing! he smiled! or smirked! "JASE!! HELP ME!!!" you yelled! but he didn't do anything! instead he hand coffed you! and the red haired girl smiled! "well he got her now! nice going buddy"! after that you passed out!
  7. you woke up! at the back of a van! there you saw Jason and Teason! yelling at each other! "WHAT THE HELL DID YOU DO TO HER"!!! Teason yelled! "come down Tes! she's fine! he just gave her a needle shot so she can rest a little" Jason replied! "YOU DRUGED HER"? Teason was pissed! he hit Jason over! and was just about to rescew you when you heard gun shot! you were terrfied! and you really wanted to get out of here!!!
  8. so do you like the story so far? oh and watch out for part 2! if this story is called its a love story then its really called Mad love!!!
  9. B.T.W Jason is a ... am not gonna spoil it!
  10. well hope you liked it! comment and rate! and see for part two! ok?

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