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  • Apologise for the grammar erros in advance, i just dont care

    I got 24%

    My sweet child, Mikios was a part of an experiment in the bnha universe, basicly he was a mix of nezu and hawks back story. he was borm with a slight mutation that gve him a tail and clawed feet.His parents, being discriminate a--holes, didnt want him, and gave him up the goverment. He was then trained and experimented on when the secondary part of his quirk developed when he was five. he has the abilties to manipuate shadows, and become one. Great. Now he has the doctors cutting him up, and making him fight these other kids. He is kept in check with electric colors and a small cabnit which would later make him claustraphobic and hate anything around his neck. Flash foward he is eleven, the heroes found out about the fcility and he is ou o there. The hero who saved him was calld Rising Hope. She was adopted him, and he now is in theapy and has an older sis named Janey. He can speak because in a ccident he tore his vocal chords, buts fine now, Janey has been teaching him JsL and he is much happier, and is currentlylooking into finding a school.

  • My character was male so I don't know if that affected the score at all but I did get 14% I think I would have gotten lower if I didn't say he had a tragic incurable disease. I only said that because he has sickle cell disease, which can make you go blind or lose your vision in severe cases, which is why I needed him to have it because he starts losing vision around the age of 15 and I didn't want it to be for a random reason. His name is souls and he's from a universe I made up with a whole giant story-line. Basically, everybody has their own unique ability called a Soul Fire and some people have more powerful soul fires, these people are called destines or, destiny's, souls is a destiny and that's there are prophecies about him (And every other destiny) and that doesn't mean he's royalty either because he gets forced into purgatory for accidentally killing of half of the Kalidathian army, (Tee side in a war fighting for magic rights) and now he's forced to live on an asteroid in space big enough to have an atmosphere. Later on in the story, he does get infected by a darkness parasite, a thing that comes from the darkness, a powerful force slowly eating off the universe. (Basically, every villain in the story is a result of darkness) and so now he is slowly losing control of his own body as the darkness begins to take over his mind. When he does go fully mad, he ends up starting a "Revolution" that kills off 20% of the population of the known universe. After a while, he does end up getting killed by a huge chunk of ice smashing him so. kArMa HaHa. Souls was a very optimistic person before he was infected after he was very cruel and even attempted killing his apprentices caretaker. And basically after his death, the universe starts to go downhill, one by one each destiny dies off leaving one left who gets frozen by darkness and flung to a nearby planet, long story short the darkness wins and destroys that universe, creating the one we're in today!

  • 10%!! Just a gay dragon genius

  • i got 24% for my oc, lowkey thought it'd be higher :") but uhh anyways heres my oc because everyone is is explaining theirs!!! also, sorry if i did any grammatical errors or punctuation errors, i swear i'm not a cringey 10 year old.

    so, my chracters name is mei muzushima and you can probably tell by the name she is japanese. please don't judge me, i'm australian-japanese and i'm not some weeaboo. anyways, she is a bisexual girl just trying to get through life with a massive need to control everything. like, this girl plans out everything in her life and if it doesn't go to plan she has a full on panic attack and a breakdown. she developed this because her and her mother (single parent, babey!!) moved alot and that caused her to crave that little drop of stability and comfort. she has really nice, long, elbow length black hair and has pretty plain black eyes (i think i modelled this after yumeko jabami, i have a crush on that woman please be nice to me). she also uses alot of jokes to hide her pain and even though she went through alot of s---, she is really positive and tries to romanticise her life and tries to think it's all a ghibli movie.

    onto her powers !! since i'm a teen, i have to add this, please don't hate me. girl basically has water bending, period. downside is that literally every night she has to plug herself with a iv to hydrate herself because even though she is only controlling water, it still is really taxing on her body and if she uses it too much, girl is f---ed.

    she is part of the military because she wanted to make her workaholic mother proud (even if she wanted to become a fashion designer.) and she puts alot of other peoples emotions above her own.

    ok, this is getting long. and if you've read through this, thank you and if you are going to reply, please give me any tips. i'm really new to the writing scene and i wanna learn how to write better.

  • I definitely expected a low number, considering he's just a corporate higher-up with a sick sense of justice, so 17% wasn't too much of a surprise.

  • So I got 23% for both of my characters. One of them I think is kinda Mary Sue and I'm working on that. So here they are: Mim is an orphan who lives with her aunt and cousin. She's a petite little thing due to her family trying to lie low and stay off the radar, so she never really gets a chance to get super healthy foods. Now onto her story: in a world where witches are brutally murdered, poor little Mim must keep her powers a secret from the government. She entertains herself by writing and never really learns to use her powers (she learns how to heal and create, but that's it. She learns how to create small barriers later but that's about it). Her aunt goes missing one night while looking for medicine for the cousin, whom had fallen ill. Mim is left with no other choice than try to care for the cousin. The cousin kills himself, leaving Mim to fend for herself. She flees with only two possessions; a wand and a Sunflower she found in her aunt's study. She meets a solider from the army called Thalia, whom produces pink fire and absolutely hates everything. They team up when Thalia finds out that Mim is a witch, assuming she's really powerful. Mim's personality is super quiet and she just kinda sits and waits before taking action. The girls meet Prince Vesper, whom has run away due to not wanting to run the kingdom upon his mother's murder. Vesper doesn't like either of them, but Thalia literally kidnaps him because she was one of the royal guards and swore to protect him, meaning that Vesper could just kill her if he wanted to. Well, Vesper eventually starts to warm up, as does Mim, she becomes extremely naive and likeable. Vesper is like an older brother to her and they all become some sort of misfit sibling family. Vesper eventually tells them that he can talk to ghosts and two ghosts in particular, Jazzy and Bronwyn, have been stalking the trio. Bronwyn is very psychotic and just really doesn't like Mim. There's a whole bunch more but I have to get onto the second

  • Huh, I was honestly expecting more of a Mary-Sue score on her.

    Her names Nightshade, shes an artificial dragon (most characters are dragons or serpents in this universe) who was created by a spell cast by a Night-Dragon named Moonstone, who was basically raised in poverty and started a cult to get revenge on the wealthy, so the idea was that shed create Nightshade as a killing machine who could convey blood into magical power, and was incapable of feeling empathy.

    That didnt work though, because the spell was interrupted by the Queen of the Wyverns, thus, Nightshade turned into this weird dragon who sort of wanted to kill everyone she saw, but also didnt and just wanted friends, so shes constantly battling this bloodthirsty side of her that she hates and loves at the same time, shes socially awkward, and occasionally snaps and kills people in the night, no big deal, her descriptions kind of overly edgy, but I think it makes sense because her creators wanted her to look intimidating. Shes also a teenager because I wanted her to be. I admit that was kind of a Mary-Sue-ish choice on my part.

    So yeah, Im surprised I only got 27%

  • 14%...but she already is super pretty...I don't think I need to spice her up, I like her this way.

    I was expecting higher because of the prophecy, and her powers, and she has no mom, but she's fine this way :)

  • I got a 35% mary sue,
    I can see why,

    my character has so many ethnicity's and species because shes got a super big and royal family,

    her past is very, sad,

    but the good thing is that for every species I add I'll add even more weaknesses,

    i'm currently writing a book series called Wilted Roses and its a fanmade JJBA fanfic,

    if you wanna go check it out my wattpad account is Fnafkidfan0522 I have a Bruno Buccirati / Buccelati pfp and a peppa pig JJBA themed pfp to

  • I'm disappointed... I went out of my way to make the Mary Sue to end all Mary Sues as a joke and it only gave me 94%... Should have been 100%, guess I'll have to find the cutting it down by 6% factor...

  • Since all of yall did some character background stuff, i thought why not. Also my percentage is higher than all the comments ive seen, so i seriously worried. Okay, allow me to begin the story. Sorry if it gets too long.

    Okay, Lunaxa (dont ask, i suck at names) is part fox part human, and i based her age(preteen) and most of her attire and hair off of me. She has shoulder length hair, really dark purple that fades to magenta(pink and purple) at the bottom. She has a scar on her left eye, making her blind, and her other eye is dark purple with a pastel bright yellow pupil inside, star shaped. Okay it sounds like a Mary Sue already, i know.

    Basically she hurt one of her classmates in kindergarten and her father sent her to the insane asylum. Her mom had no say in it. Or not much. So in the asylum(i have no idea what its like), nothi g really happens in there except she got a scar. I havent really developed anything yet, so im not sure how that happened. She grew to hate her father. she spent 3 yrs inside there when her parents were killed by a demon slayer(no reference to kny), but no one really knew that. It was just a unsolved murder case. So since they did not have any consent to keep her inside, she was sent to some orphanage for weird kids, kinda like pegerines home for peculiar children or something. So she was lonely at first, she cried and the those tears became some shapeshifting star thingy that was alive and become her companion. Also i forgot to mention, she has transluscent ribbon like tentacles that can shapeshift too, but if they turn into wings, she cant fly or any of the sort. The orphanage was also a test lab (cliche) were theyvstuff you in those capsules with some chemicals. Bc of the scar, she got infected by that chemical which is why her blind eye keeps emitting some dark purple smoke and hurts a lot. She also gets a lot of nightmares of her mom bc she misses her. The orphanage is also where she met the other ocs. So one day, this kid i the or

    Orange WW
    • I have a feeling that i typed past the limit. Darn. If i did, then heres a continuation. So one day this kid in the orphanage who is nine years old and is part cat set the whole thing on fire bc she 'accidentally' knocked something down. Most of the lab ppl got infected by the unfinished serums they made, and they turned into mindless killing machines, forcing the orphans to fight back using their abnormalties. The surviving orphans(very few) are currently on the run from the lab company. The oldest is 23, legal age(i hope) to own a house. Lunaxa is bi, no love interest besides her star companion and rarely smiles, besides when someone makes a joke. She often speaks very fast and is very impatient. She hates misunderstandings. She has slightly above average knowledge but isnt super smart. Nothing of her physical apearance is exaggerated. She wields control over fire whereas the 23 yr old controls ice. Not original, ik.

      Orange WW
  • 49%...

    I expected higher being the main characters sister and way to overpowered( literally ) and such but wow

    Madie hedgecat
  • I got 20% but I'm confused as my character is the protagonist of an RPG; meaning that she's both a canon and an original character. lol

  • 15% mary sue. The only reason I felt I earned this score for my OC is that I took the time to develop his story and character.

  • hmmm.. 24% not bad....I think it is 24% because of the overweight questions on the (human,40+,his/her age) My character is human and looks actually....older than her age

  • Are humans supposed to be Mary Sues bc I tested myself and got 26%.

    Orange WW
  • I used Lin she got 11 I thought it was more because of how she has powers and color changing eyes.....

  • I did this quiz with my first oc spider spartan got 15% huh

  • Lol My oc Mabel is 32 percent Mary Sue even though she's suicidal XD

  • My character is a violet blooded troll, slightly overweight, and has a LOT of flaws

  • Gotta agree with Killjoy rainbow below, sorry.

  • My main character is 23% a Mary Sue. I'm happy with her not being perfect, and not too plain either.

  • 13%

    ..I was expecting higher because of the whole tragic backstory thing.

  • Huh 12%! Pretty good for an otherworldly demon I say.

  • For Question 32: Does it count if its a mental disorder?


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