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  • I got 15%

  • So uh, i have this OC Named Madison, SHe has the same middle name as me, her last name is Crystal. She has 6 sisters, which makes Madison the 7th. she and her sisters were born on a planet named Gamora. but then an evil entity named Hazmat came to her home planet and destroyed almost half of her home. it was just 5 weeks after Madison and her sisters were born, the king and queen(Madison´s mom and dad) had no other choice but to send madison and her sisters to earth, but only six made it. the last one (Who is named Nova) got kidnapped by Hazmat. as madison and her sister were about to land on earth, her three sisters landed in opposite directions. only Madison and her 2 sisters landed on the place together. 13 years later, when they turned 13, Madison and her two sisters, Shimo and Tsurai, realized they had magical powers. I´m too lazy to explain the rest of the story. my OC got 40% Mary-Sue.

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  • Hm, 23% eh. I get it really, but most of my answers were a yes and no most of the time. Sort of.

    Just to be clear, my oc is called Leo, fairly small kid younger then me, seems about ten but is twelve due to lack of sun and nourishment. Brown greasy hair uncut for most of the time I have had him and just slightly looks like a girl a little bit.

    Now for the yes and no questions, usually related to powers or some unbelievable power up. Now first things first. The guy's hella weak as weak can get! Remember when I said he looks two years younger then if he should? That's not due to him being cute but dangerously thin and frail, his little muscles aren't going to win any fights anytime soon.

    But then that leads to his...complicated abilities. He has the ability to have his soul exit his body to a invisible astral form, and can take control of someone's body if they are in any way thinking or close to death he is either gets kicked out after about a minute or two or just leaves and automatically is reverted back into his inhabited but alive body. Now for context of story, Leo ain't a smart guy, can't talk and just sort of trusts everybody, but not in a good loveable way where he convinces everybody to be his friend.

    Leo lives in a pretty damned world, a slight too edgy do my tastes actually. Constantly on end exploited and overused and manipulated powers known or not, the story revolves around odd jobs he does under many different types of philosophy and influences from other people while getting a little bit of cash for essentials in a diplomatic world.

    Think Kino's journey, but everybody is a bad guy. As for mental illnesses go, I sure as heck don't know anything about them, but Leo's lack of common sense and speech is constantly a problem and we all know his lack of pecs.

    Seriously though, because if my mostly yes and no answers, can anybody review my short was bad summary of my decent character. One of my first oc's by the way, still new to all this.

    • Tbh, this looks really interesting! I dont think that it should be 23% Mary Sue... this sounds incredibly original! Good luck with the story!

    • Mine was lower her name is Lin she has powers and a odd eye color that can flash but is always scared and no one likes her because of it she got 11

    • Mine got a 26. She is my age and has unatral eyes and hair and where's the clothing I wish I would wear so that's probably why she got a 26.but she doesn't have a tragic backstory or anything she has pretty much the same backstory as me she does have laws of course everyone has flaws. But she's just more of the perfect character I wish I was but not exactly she has the same flaws that's me except for the shortness problem I'm very short andshe has the same flaws as me except for the shortness problem I'm very short and she's quite tall. Taller than most of her friends.she's from the same country as most of the characters but one character but that's because that one character moved from different country.oh and also I have a ghost character and an alien character so I guess there's count.but those characters are just for comic relief.they're not really main characters they're just kind of weird background characters.falling all she's a pretty normal person she did just dye her hair and I think she's just wearing contacts but I'm not a hundred percent sure and she only is wearing the clothes I wish I would wear in only has the body shape I wish I had. :/ So that's most likely why she got at 26% and not like 10....

  • I got 23%

    I did this for my fan made oc Sinobu which is a MHA oc. His ability is shape shifting. With his shape shifting some limitations are 1)same eye color 2) in all forms except fox if held for to long he can not turn back without the help of a potion.

    He is Aizawas adopted child along with my friends oc. Due to his past he has ptsd (I do try to make the symptoms appear) which hinder him in fighting. Like me he is more interested in herbs than fighting, so he wants to become a side kick that can use its magic to help others (example a foxes tounge is sharp enough to help clean wounds) and also help with rescue missions. Due to his ability to turn into small creatures, going into small places would be easier. Due to his PTSD certain situations can be tramactic that would be fine for others (keep in mind I mainly only role play with this character). Also he tends to lose his human mind even in fox form and end up causing a lot of trouble. He tries to move forward, but sometimes it's hard.

    I'm still working more on him so any suggestions is fine by me

    • Aizawa's adopted kid eh? Never knew he could take care of any kid besides Eri

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  • I got a 19% which isn't to bad, she's a bit older than me by at least 5 years though she doesn't have a specifically set age seeing as how i use her an awful lot for role-plays. Yes she's an 'experiment' (i know so original, but hear me out). She was artificially created, they wanted to see how far they could push it and create 'super humans/weapons' and of course created a few animals in the process. you cant jump straight to humans in most cases. She owns one of these animals, a cat names calypso. The cat has the parasyte vibe for those who know the manga and anime. Basic description of the cat is well it's normal cat at first glance green eyes dark brown fur little white patches or spots, pretty nice looking cat till it opens 5 eyes and it's tail splits into 2 bone blades and starts talking more or less. Over all though still a cat and it has a very limited understanding of language.

    Dachi is a red head with hazel eyes but they do change colors. Specifically her whole eye turns to a static sort of silver color when she's singing. (mostly because it's pretty fun to color in my refs for her and she's a siren. Some how they managed to get siren DNA, mythological creatures and demons are pretty common in the rps i use her in so it isn't to far fetched And since she's in predominately magical worlds and a siren she does have the whole thing where she gets to wet she suddenly has no longer has legs and is stuck with fins till she dries off. Which sucks since she's constantly getting shoved into pools, ponds, sprayed with water guns, and or just getting drenched in water by the other characters just because they can really. She was behind in the development part of her child hood walking wasn't to far behind normal but she never said a single word till she was 7. (First word was 'fries' which she literally screamed after stealing someones french fries and dropping them when she tripped) She's near sighted and needs to wear glasses, though she rarely does because she

    Useless bean
    • THAT is how I wish I said my first word. Also I think you reached the word limit bc I can't view more of it but I'm really interested since this is really original. Can I trouble you to type the part missed out? It stopped when the story was about to mention the reason she rarely wears her glasses

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  • My character is a falcon harpy named Cass (Cassiopeia). She is from my comic series “Light Weilders”. She currently has only met my deer-centaur, Vincent, but becomes a valuable member of the team. The story takes place in a world where races like elves, harpies, lamias, wilds (people who can turn into animals), etc. are common, and humans are rare. She also has only one power. She can shoot these sharp feathers from her wings, but she can’t go rapid-fire or the will cut into her arm. They also cause her to not be as fast of a flier. She has warm skin, brownish black hair, and bright blue eyes. Her clothes are a bit tribal but still contemporary in her realm. Also she can easily wear them because the shirt is sleeveless and simply ties around the neck. Is this OC ok? Should I spruce her up a bit? I got 19% Mary Sue

    • I think if she were a Mary Sue she would have no physical limitations, but because you've already put some in, she already comes across as well established. I like it!

    • i personally would flesh out her personality a little more

    • I have a of named Laren and she is 44 pircent marry sue

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  • The OC I used for this quiz is Shiro Akawaito. He is a human with natural white hair and red eyes (In his world weird colored hair and eyes are normal.) He is 14. His nationality is Japanese (kinda did that because I wish I was Japanese ;-;) He is not a fan character. I don't have much for his backstory, but I do have a start. By the way, his backstory was based on the urban legend "coin locker baby" and the song by Maretu of the same title.

    Shiro was the result of an accidental pregnancy. His mother was not ready to take care of a child yet, she wasn't prepared. She couldn't get an abortion because he was too old, so she just let him be born. She couldn't put him up for adoption either because the local adoption center only accepts children 3 months and up, and she wanted him gone immediately, so she quickly devised a plan. His mom took the train back from the hospital. When she arrived at the train station, she stuffed him in a coin operated locker, hoping someone would find him and take care of him. Now it'd be a boring story if that was where it ended, wouldn't it? So.. he survived!! Yay!

    He had utilized a power that he'd never known he had until then. This power allows him to hibernate, shutting off his needs and preserving his body until he decides to wake up. He automatically went into hibernation mode when he was put into the locker. He escaped by waking up and lockpicking, which happened when he was 5. Realistically, someone would've found him earlier, but the locker was jammed shut from the outside and no one bothered to repair it because plot convenience. Idk the rest yet.

    I got 21%, but I would've gotten higher if I would've been able to go into detail. Oh well.

    • I think it should be lower depending on how far his abilities can go. I think he's really cool! He is in no way a Gary Sue, his ability has it's limits and I respect that. His backstory isn't "oh yeah his mom abused him in every way possible but he turned out to be immortal and killed her!!!!!!!!!", no, it's very balanced. I feel like it wouldn't be higher. Very nice oc!

  • 33% Mary Sue, I expected my character would be average to little be mary sue lol.

    My OCs name is Willow, shes 20 and twice my age Oof- But shes my height, 53. With purple eyes and grey-purple hair, one of her eyes covered by a bandage. She looks pretty androgynous now that I gave her a more original appearance.

    I started her off by using someone elses character design. I know, I copy :( but I did give credit of course, then as time went on I gave her more original decor on her outfit, etc. It started off with a witchy small young adult to a dapper looking fine young lady. I kept the witch hat cause I liked it.

    She has quite the name for herself, practically despised by her fellow hometown, etc. Willow mostly isolating herself in the dark, her powers are out of her control. Using Deltarune/Undertale references for her, its HATE. ;)

    Shes decently attractive, thats all I can say.

    Yeah this is my OC who I made since November 2018. Hope you like this soul reaper smol girl.

  • 23%

    Huh. That's pretty nice,especially for a fanmade character. I didn't want her TOO boring to be considered as a mere background character (or comic relief), or TOO much of a Mary-sue to be unrelatable. But I honestly expected her to have a higher... Mary-sueness percent? I mean, she IS part of a line of "cursed" decendants of a main character and gets discriminated because if it...

    But what if the races have unusually colored hair and eye colors (ex. Purple, green, blue, pink, etc.), which is considered normal in their world? I don't think they would be a Mary-sue with that, except if the character has some type of hair/eye color that stands out.

  • 15 % Marry Sue isnt terrible. Although in my character, Luckys, universe the god trait is kinda the whole point. Hes known as an almighty omnipotent being but hes really still scared and blissfully ignorant at times. In his universe he created humans (twice after the first time failed) once on the moon which was attacked by other civilizations with bombs that created craters on the moon (science is different here) and because of Luckys ability to make everything from clay (almost everything) the moon was covered in a gray dust (no wind on the moon, no clay dust floating away.). After being taken by the civilizations King (who was created by Luckys abusive goddess mother to fix him due to him being imperfect in her eyes, white diamond who) he was married off to him, he was abusive, he broke Lucky for a bit. Lucky escaped to Earth, he hit Earth hard enough to crack the entire crust, (the Hadean period) and he fell asleep for a few million years. Waking up to see that he was alone he cried and cooled the earth, helping create an atmosphere. It turned out his twin had hitched a ride to Earth with him and created volcanoes so Lucky could safely walk around. (Hes not immune to fire you know) After covering the world in a bit of clay his older brother arrived from being frozen in the core of Neptune. To put it short he created water and then life began. Now you might be asking, wheres the sun? His twin brother and him made the sun as a project for their mother before she threw them to different corners of the galaxy. (Explains universal expansion.) This isnt very relevant but he is technically blind, he can see shapes but only where direct sunlight hits. (He cant move at night or sunset.) and only sunlight, no flashlight, no fire. He mostly navigates by touch which makes sense since he likes to sculpt in the sunlight. Also sorry if it seems out of order its 2 in the morning.

  • 15%!

    Gideon's an NPC character from the game Stardew Valley.

    He moved to Pelican Town as soon as he turned 18, which I suppose I want him to be in his early 20s, so we'll say he moved around the same time Elliott came along.

    Gideon was adopted into the family after the eldest sister died, and while he wasn't originally supposed to totally replace her(Teagan and David, his adopted parents, say that his adoption had nothing to do with her death, but that's definitely a lie), but that didn't stop them from sort of subconsciously pressuring him into fitting into her picture Be a teacher! Learn harmonica! Be the quiet, quirky boy! He's the kind of person who's more in the in-between when it comes to feminine and masculine, so I would like I eventually excuse that as part of his parents' confusion. Also, in his story, it's canon that the only reason he dyes his hair(brown to yellow) is to further distinct him from the dead girl, Masha.

    His adopted brothers are twins Oscar and Ethan, and Oscar just sort of pities Gid for his situation(Don't get me wrong, they have loving parents, but they have made their mistakes while raising Gid) while Ethan seems to blame Gid for what happened to Mash.

    As for his personality, Gideon's really happy-go-lucky and boyish(naive, playful, curious) traits make him really friendly with, like, everyone in Pelican Town. Of course he does have his insecurities(no thanks to his parents) and there are the moments when they decide to wreck him, full force. He can also be sort of a pushover, so he could never really voice his discomfort, when around his parents.

    His friends are Sam(they talk, but aren't super close), Alex(Gid actually kinda crushes on him, and they can also kind of relate to eachother about discomforts with their families), and Robin(he sees her as a motherly figure alongside Teagan, thoouugh does kind of choose to ignore how she is with her own kids).

    I dunno if there's much else to say? Uahh, he has a pet chameleon named Ron, i

    • s bi but leans more toward guys, and! Actually, I do want to point out more in-depth, is that one of his heart events consists of him trying to come to term with being interested in 2 people, at once.I think it's one of his main character arcs(1 of them of course being him trying to actually connect with his family), is him trying to understand his feelings, and trying to relay them to the player. Him trying to be an adult, y'know? Of 'course, there would be tears, though. It's, like "Hey. I have strong feelings for both you and another person. I don't want this other person to get in the way of this relationship, but I don't think I'm gonna get over them, very easily. I want to know if you're okay with these other feelings, because I feep like I should be honest and open to you, before anything."He's still a sort of work in progress, though, so some of this isn't totally final.

    • Hmmm... It says my char is 17% Mary Sue...
      Tell me if this sounds like a Mary Sue:

      He is slightly evil. He is shapeshifter witch who's naughty and loves excitement. He is a troublemaker, but is more powerful than the average witch. He's pretty smart, but often lets his ego get in the way. Very egotistic and oftentimes sarcastic. He is a nomad and travels around looking for trouble. Is a loner and doesn't really like interaction with others unless they are his pets or are battling him (but he is CRAZY about foxes). He used to be a very nice human, but ever since he turned into a witch and was rejected by his home, he became resentful of other people and opted to trust nobody.

      So basically he's a mixture of playful, naughty, lazy, and bitter.

  • My character got 10%. Had it been 10 years ago when I first created her, her Mary Sue level probably would have been a lot higher. Her name is Arisa Riddle, she's a character from an original story I'm still working on. It's based on Alice in Wonderland, but an alternative take on it. She's a 16 year old girl, with decently nice looks, well-mannered, has a sharp mind, but is also rather submissive and has some anxiety problems. However, I wanted to make Arisa as realistic as possible so she can feel relatable to other girls her age. Especially nerdy girls or the ones with social issues.

    Although she has a rather sad past, it's a key plot point to help shape her into the person she grows to be. She had a rocky relationship with her strict parents since she was a child. They were both successful doctors with busy careers, so they often neglected their own daughter and only showed interest in her grades (and be harsh to her when she didn't exceed their expectation). When she was about 7, her parents were planning on divorcing and were fighting on who would take in Arisa. On the same night, all 3 of them got into a car accident and only Arisa survived. Eventually her much more loving uncle and aunt adopted her, but she still blamed herself for not being the perfect daughter her parent's wanted her to be. So she locks away the things about her she deemed "flawed" and dedicated the rest of her childhood being a model student/daughter, in order to not to be unwanted by her new caretakers.

    Years later, at 16 years old, Arisa and her guardians are moving to a new area when their car suddenly breaks down in the middle of the road. She notices a strange red cat in the area and chases after it into the woods when it steals an important item from her. There she runs into a strangely dressed young man, with white skin and hair, as well as red eyes (and a pair of rabbit ears and a tail). He literally drags her into a cave where they are teleported to a world called "Wonderland".

    • Okay, this is seriously very original. Like, a Wonderland AU? I wonder what the rabbit man's motives are for dragging her into Wonderland. If you turned this story into a book or comic or whatsoever, I'm making sure I read it. (if I sound sarcastic, I'm so sorry because it's my usual speaking tone

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  • I got a 23% on my Original Character named Clarissa (she goes by Claire more often though.) I think my character was rated 23% pretty fairly, but she also isn't fully developed, I've actually been focusing on some side plots and side characters while trying to develop her more at the same time. (Here's some of her backstory and what I'm trying to accomplish.)

    So basically, this story started from a dream (I actually want to do the same thing when I have the money.) I had at the starting of 2020, some characters were going on a road trip. I don't know they're reasons, maybe they just wanted adventure? Anyways, they all had many flaws, one girl was fairly overweight and was discouraged about dating at all. But her group of friends helped her gain confidence and she actually ended up having some sort of love triangle with some already existing characters that were with them. And they basically just explored their universe. But I've come a long way with MY actual universe that has my OC Claire in it. Their government is trying it's best to keep its citizens safe, but some characters in my side plot discuss that more and what is going on behind closed doors. Claire and her friends come from all walks of life and want to find their place in the world. She brings a close friend of hers from school along the way with her. She has no mental illnesses so far, I'm not attracted to the idea of her (the protagonist) having a severe mental illness, side characters mostly represent the problems people face with certain mental issues. She is rather moody and can snap sometimes. She actually started as a self-insert character, but I'm slowly trying to make here, her own person and NOT just me. I think I would feel too vulnerable to have a character that close to myself being public anyways. Anyways, she is supposed to grow as a person at the end, as for other characters stay the same, the biggest problem I think I'm facing is not thinking of how the story ends... I know I won't be

  • Got around a 30% Mary Sue, didn't know what I was expecting and my character is still vastly unwritten for now, but that's alright.

    For those out of the loop, my character is Maru "Pluto" Realta. In the universe he comes from, planets and moons have vast concentrations of godly energy at their cores, called World Souls, which can be forged into god-like avatars. Maru is the World Soul of the dwarf planet Pluto. He is aware of a prophecy of a human-borne beast who ushers in an era of chaos and discord, bringing an end to all life in the solar system. And what does Maru, a human-borne beast do? He ushers in an era of chaos and discord, bringing an end to all life in the solar system, naively believing that ending humanity will put a stop to the prophecy, whilst at the same time fulfilling it. The story involves so many other characters, including Eris, Arrokoth, Sedna, Nemesis, Nibiru, Tyche, and so many others I could not name all of them here.

    Hope y'all enjoyed; I look forward to your thoughts.

  • 26% is lower than I was expecting - these tests are unable to take a lot of context into the equation, so they tend to be inaccurate at best and should be taken with a grain of salt.

    Though I guess I know how to handle my overpowered, immortal energy beings well if all a major leader scores is 26% on a casual test when being one of the most powerful pieces in the game, so to speak.

    But then, I also just focus on making my characters be well-rounded people first and foremost, and worry about anything else later.

    The character I ran through this is an angel named Ambriel, who is the angel of harmony. Very powerful by mortal standards, and able to draw upon the energies of his home plane to augment his own when needed.

    He's also a sweetheart dork who gets stage fright and has been through his fair share of troubled and fantastic experiences.

  • I got a 29% !! Honestly, I was kind of scared that Ryuu would be around 50% or so, but 29% isn't all that bad! He's a fan OC from the series Danganronpa, and is the ultimate Vampire (thus why I thought his score would be higher) I can't send his entire biography, but basically his past was that he'd constantly get kicked out of all the homes he lived in due to him being a vampire, so he doubted who he was for a long time! The reason everybody hates him is because of his overly nice persona he displays as to not be hated. That persona of course failed, but he still displays it. Also he has pastel pink hair, red eyes, and he wears formal clothing so AHJKJHAJKAJ

  • I got 4% and the comment said "go ahead and make her a little prettier!" :P ..She is already pretty, but she mostly doesn't know how to deal with the situation they've all ended up in and is trying her best to deal with it just as everyone else is (and yes, failing, and making bad decisions that she initially is sure are the right choices.. and then realizes she maybe picked the wrong side to begin with but it's too late so she has to kind of stick it out). Like everyone else involved, she has to learn to adjust to this new, horrible situation as it unfolds with no supernatural skills or magical weapons or anything, and they all have to use each others' strengths to try to make it through. She's a tracker and can find her way through an environment the others would be lost in, and knows how to use the land in that environment to survive (to not starve or die of thirst, where to find shelter etc), but the others are physically much stronger and highly trained in combat meaning they can fight the creatures hunting them, so they work with each other to survive in this brutal new reality they've all been thrust into. The problem is, as stated earlier, she realizes when it's too late that she maybe picked the wrong side. She has to sacrifice all of her own morals as a result which leads to catastrophic results.

  • I got 23% for my oc and her name is Estrella Esmeralda Cortez and shes a human being. Shes a character in a story and I was worried she was a Mary Sue due to the fact many people like her (probably because they feel bad for her?) and hates the fact of many people liking her. She has a wolfdog named lobo and a twin brother named Miguel. She is a Mexican. She has anxiety, depression, and bipolar disorder. Even though she belongs to a rich family, lot of people despise her. Shes insecure, has trust issues, and pretty sadistic at times. She has a low self esteem and is definitely flawed. She believes shes not good enough and blames herself for the death of her older sister. Her character and design was based off me, your everyday sad potato. She is chubby and has anger issues.

  • I did this test for ny oc Lennon and got 21%. If I'm fully honest I don't see them as a Mary Sue, they are non-binary and go by they/them pronouns. They were born with dirty blonde hair but dyed it green after getting a buzz cut. For the mental disorder question they have dyslexia and PTSD (the PTSD is from their younger sister being abused), They get severely bullied but somehow always seem to see the positive side of everything. They're 14 and completely 100% a human. They have teal eyes although they is blind in one because of a scar caused by their abusive father makin it turn white (Idk its my logic). They don't actually fall in love but another one of my ocs has a tiny crush on them. They don't like her back though. Their family is pretty accepting when it comes to them being nonbinary (accept from their Dad but thats a story for another time.) They are kinda average when it comes to weight although they are a bit taller then some of my other ocs.

    • Omg I meant my at the start

  • I got 19% Mary Sue for mine. I thought it'd be higher, but it could certainly use more character building. My character is Eggplant Man, who is from an alternate reality where a flabby bioengineer named Lord Nuggets used a giant weapon in a spaceship to alter everyone's DNA, which in turn ended up either giving people superpowers, or transforming then into some anthropomorphic creature, or even both, in some cases. Eggplant Man was subject to the former. He's an impulsive 17-year-old who's real name is Chris Cross, and his family ditched him for a vacation they never returned from, so he's been taking care of himself for a year. He took on the name Eggplant Man when Lord Nuggets' (now called Chickpanuggets due to being transformed into a bird by his machine) machine gave him the ability to summon deadly eggplant-themed weapons. In appearance, he is a tall, thin boy with black hair and teal eyes. After gaining his unique abilities, he started wearing a purple, green, and yellow costume to solidify his superiority, but since everyone had been genetically modified, they gave him no heed. As a result, Eggplant Man has started trying to do everything and always doing the first thing that comes to mind so he can gain attention.

    But then again, very little of what I just wrote is even a selectable option.

    Bob Bovine
  • I got a 9%. My character's name is Lila, she's a fandom character (Undertale) more specifically, she's one of the kids that Asgore took the soul of. She's an orphan, she grew up in an orphanage until she ran away at the age of 10. She climbed the mountain (I forget what it's called) and fell to the Underground. Toriel found her and took her in, and she stayed with Toriel for a few days until she grew tired of the same routine and managed to excape. However, Asgore found her and took her soul within a few hours, as she was grossly unprepared for the rest of the Underground. She contributes to a lot of Toriel's guilt about not being able to save any children.

    Appearance-wise, she's skinny with stringy black hair, blue eyes, and freckles. She likes to dress extravagantly but she doesn't own many clothes. She most often wears a small, beat-up tutu.

    She's super wimpy, scared of the dark, and she has asthma, which is why Asgore got her so quickly.

  • Dang, Isaac. You are incredibly boring. 4%. I get it. I purposefully made Isaac kinda average to make up for his status in the demon world. He is the heir to the underworld, but his father doesnt trust him, as Isaac is incredibly kind and sweet. Isaac has depression and anxiety. He is so unnoticeable in the overworld that the only people who know him are his small friend group made up of a few mistreated demons. Basically, he hated his life in the underworld so since his father was a reaper (a demon who teleports to the overworld to collect souls) before he became ruler, Isaac had that ability and used it to start a life in the overworld where he and his friends were just like every other human. He goes to a human high school and meets the love of his life, a human boy who happened to be the smartest kid in the entire school and was WAY out of Isaac's league.

  • I got 11% Mary Sue. My character is a Steven universe OC. His name is Titanite. He's extremely tall but slightly overweight. His eyes are peach colored and he's of feminine stature. He has no hair. He has extreme Claustrophobia and Autism. His backstory isn't entirely tragic since I'm still finding it out, but in the gem blast that the diamonds made, he managed to survive by hiding out with others. His closest friend, Zincite, didn't make it in time and ended up corrupted. When he came out, he saw her and had to shatter her to put an end to her misery. He's overly optimistic around other people, but at the end of the day, he always ends up thinking about Zincite. It practically haunts him to this day.

  • 7% Mary Sue, ok.

    My oc is a 34 year-old Koi-Deer humanoid. He likes class, but no too much of it, and he's generally knowledgeable. His name is Morzagor. He has the head of a Koi Fish, but with a snout and deer horns, instead of ears he has side fins. Morzagor has a light blue skin tone with dark blue patches and purple eyes. He owns a fairly large house that's secluded in the woods. It has a large library with a fireplace along with a weapon rack. Morzagor has the strength and knowledge to wield a small sword, but not much else. He claims that strength comes from knowledge, and that often becomes his weakness, he becomes frustrated if there happens to be something he doesn't know about or if someone knows something he doesn't. Due to this, he becomes good at keeping secrets, but he's not very good at lying. Morzagor is often seen wearing a black or navy blue suit vest that fits him nicely, the sleeves are generally rolled up to his elbows.

    He's close with all of his friends and generally enjoys spending time with them. One friend he had died in a war, Morzagor blames himself for that as he thinks he could've persuaded his friend from enlisting. He keeps a picture of that friend next to the clock in his kitchen.

    The analysis said that I shouldn't be afraid to add some spice to this character, so what do y'all think I should add?

    • Oh yeah, I also have two drawings of him.
      [no urls]
      [no urls]

    • aww it wont let me post urlsoh well

    • Wowie. I'd actually love to see this part fish part deer OC. Too bad we can't post links here

      Orange WW
  • I did another test, but for my oc Eliot Yohei. I got a 21%. I don't really see it, he has only one power which is the ability to move stars around, but he can't bring them down to earth. He has a pretty normal life, he came out as trans and his parents didnt like that so he ran away. He never contacted them again and just went to live with his friend at their apartment. The only mental disorder he has is BPD and or DID(personality disorders.) He's completely human. His hair is black and his eyes are amber, almost yellow. He never hurt anyone. He's only 16 and he's growing quickly, he can't control himself and often breaks down if he feels things aren't working out the way he wants them to, ex; He seems to be doing well with the person he likes, then the person he likes goes and sleeps with another man. He feels like it's his fault. I feel like he's not much of a Gary Sue, but I'm not sure. Also, he's extremely weak and underweight, he's barely able to do anything.

  • In Aquila's case, the main head is selfish, smug, reckless, and often cruel, while her other head is friendly, soft, and 'girly' so to speak

    In one of the final episodes she will lose her 'good' head in a dramatic swordfight, causing her severe trauma, and forever changing her into a cruel monster. She eventually joins a group of bandits, becomes it's leader, and grows it into a large army of outcasts, pillaging and plundering the lands far and wide.

  • I got 22%, but I feel like my character is really hard to put in these quizzes. Her name is Isla and she is a shapeshifter. She is the only one of her kind on the planet and was sent there by a goddess to save the planet from destruction, but she ended up starting a war because she became an outcast and was furious that everyone on the planet had rejected her. She has dark red hair and bright green eyes, but these can change whenever she wants. She can change literally everything about herself so it's really hard to answer questions that have to do with weight and/or looks. Overall, I think that I have to just give up on using this character for these quizzes. She's doesn't really fit into the answers.


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