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  • I got 15% yay! Well I worked on this oc for more that an year so it would be pretty dissapointing if I would've got more hehe. I mean she is 14 and sometimes smart, most of the times not when needed, and when she is out with people she tends to try way too hard to look cool and it comes off as annoying or even cringy. Oh and her name is Saorsa and she is romanian. Tell me ur opinion about her! <3

  • 23% - not to bad for a character (& story) who was made up on the spot that was very much inspired by a song (It's My Bad - Nico Collins on SoundCloud go check it out, its amazing) so it isnt really original material but I feel like Im going to have fun with this character/story!

    He doesnt have a name yet - but he is a teenager and goes by he/him pronouns and is panromantic/pansexual (demiromantic). In the story, he gets cheated on by his girlfriend with his best friend for the millionth time. To put it shortly, he has a mental breakdown, and in said mental breakdown, he murders them both.

    For the majority of the story, he is on the run from the police but not before he drags two of his closest friends (names not decided) for the ride. Not sure to end off the story, kind of just a spur of a idea.

  • 14%, yeah my character's a jerk.

    His name is Clink, he is a D&D plane-hopper who travels the multiverse, but before that he was a pirate on the eborron seas. He was transported to barovea were he met some friends. He was pushed off a cliff and killed, but a kraken god socrathel plucked his sole and transported to socrathels playground (A re-skin of ghosts of saltmarsh) where he sailed the seas for a couple years in till some people said they would grant one wish. he wished he could finish strahd off so he was given plane-hopping powers. he arrived in strahds throne room just in time to watch his friends die. but they weakened strahd enough for Clink to kill him. He became dark lord of barovea, but he got bored. So he went to travel the multiverse.

    • Oh also he is one of infinite Alternate Multiverses, some examples are...

      LV. 20!Clink
      9 Hells!Clink
      Many, many more...

  • 17%

    my character is sorta like a god n stuff so i'm surprised i got below 20 lol.

    he's like the person who controls everything, and by everything i mean storylines n stuff lol. they're each represented by locks and are usually open which means it's a good sign and everything is going according to plan.

    but then there's a girl who "respawns" every time she dies, like a glitch in the story, which would make the lock of the story close. but she gave this "power" to one of her friends when she started getting tired of it. (she got rid of it, then died in a car crash lol.) her friend, connor, found out another glitch with it, and was able to travel to different storylines, and in many different eras or years i guess? (this all takes place in my own made-up country called sinan lol.) every time connor traveled to a different storyline, it shut the lock of the storyline, which were sorta hard to open back up. when a lock is shut, strange "not normal" things would happen, like paranormal stuff but without ghosts, and if it's not open soon, then it could get progressively worse. in a storyline about 5 years later, this guy from japan finds out about it from an anonymous forum connor posted on, and wants to broadcast it across sinan on one of the biggest radio stations across the country, but it's mostly an atheist/ agnostic country, so..

    and to think i came up with all of this from a deltarune theory i heard lol.

  • I did this quiz before but this time I did it with an old Undertale OC, Temikka. I made her in 2016 when I was 8-9. basically, take it a temmie, make it a furry. make her hair cover one of her bright pink eyes and put a completely natural bright pink streak in her hair. maker her wear the colors blue and purple only, and f--- it make Asriel fall in love with her. make her weapons similar to Sans and make Chara her GREATEST ENEMY. Surprisingly she only got 35% Mary Sue. I would explain more of her backstory but I dont feel like typing a lot rn.

  • 18% Mary Sue... woah I really thought DoveShadow (my warriors OC) would be like 30% or something. Shes half blind, gray with black stripes. just the basics of her appearance


    Dove´s parents are Birch and Scourge. she has 2 sisters, Bloodkit and Dandelion (Dove and Bloodkit are the same age, Dandelion is older) Dandelion gets killed by a fox and Dove thinks its her fault cause she didnt help her. Scourge takes Bloodkit away to Thunderclan and Birch abandons Dove by the river, promising she´ll come back. Dove is found by a twoleg and lives as a kittypet. she joins Thunderclan after half of Thunderclan is murdered. (by Bloodpaw) she is then accused of killing Thunderclans deputy and is exiled. she goes to Shadowclan where she meets her sister who doesnt seem to care about her anymore. She becomes a warrior, being named DoveShadow. She gets with a random Riverclan tom and has 4 kits. Fishkit, Beekit, Marshkit and Reedkit. BloodClaw and Sunnypaw know the kits are halfclan so they try to steal them. DoveShadow wakes up just in time to save them from being dropped into a fast-moving river. the kits are apprenticed and Sunnypaw is their greatest rival. Reedkit isnt apprenticed yet because he is suffering from greencough and may die. when Reedpaw is cured, everyone thinks hes weak. to prove he isnt weak, he kills his father. DoveShadow also blames herself for his death cause she didnt pay much attention to her son. the family never really talks to each other after that. FishStorm goes to live in a barn (the one Ravenpaw and Barley used to live in.) BeeWing lives a normal life in Shadowclan. MarshTail is raising her half-clan kit .(named Acornkit) and ReedClaw is sitting around in the forest, realizing all the wrongs hes done. and DoveShadow decided to become a medicine cat instead of a warrior. more about her personality, DoveShadow is a very kind character. her name is symbolism for her being ignored and pushed away by everyone. she puts others first and forgets

    • (oof it got cut off) to take care of herself in the process. she cares about her sister more than anyone else, even if her sister doesnt return her love. she is my favorite OC and I love her! (I have an AU where she is evil but I dont talk about it cuz I feel like Im copying SU even tho I made that AU before the SU movie even existed.)

  • i got 27%, i blame the way i made sirens work in my story.they have strange eyes that are seperated in two, and change from siren form to human form a lot. they're kiinda hated by everyone because they're seen as a big danger and are meant to be killed on sight, or turned into the police to be executed. i also put being a siren as disease for her, because thats exactly how she views it, a curse that she was given by another person at a young age. i wasnt sure if she would get high or low, because she is decently powerful and has a depressing backstory, but her main flaws all come in through her personality, she constantly puts down herself, not motivated to do anything, and she ends up being mean to the people she cares the most about. she's unstable and thinks she's a burden on her friends (not her family because she left them cause they're just kinda s---ty people).

  • According to this, Eve Rowley aka Ether the ghost-girl is 20% Mary Sue. Nice.

    'Is your character out of shape, and stays that way throughout the entire story?' (#43)

    She FIGHTS GHOSTS for a living! I'm gonna go with no XD

    A note:
    On #14, you forgot the 'None' option.

  • 18 percent Mary-Sue.

    That's accurate; she's a fan character, and she is a bit OP at first, but later when she's not cursed she loses most of her magical powers; but she's still pretty good with weapons. :)

    Pony Plorta
  • "Your character is 10% a Mary Sue!"

    I was expecting a little higher of a score considering how she is, then again I think what makes her interesting isn't what she can do but her attitude XD. Love writing the underdogs XD

  • My character is a girl with brown hair black eyes and is an orphan. She has never seen her parents shes has a 9yo friend but shes kinda normal. She only sticks out cause her eyes are ALL black like no white in her eyes

  • 23%? Yea, I get that. they are based off of Nightmare Sans from dreamtale but have the design of a character from Sky, Children Of The Light. I try to make them as realistic as possible -v-

  • I got 13% mary sue, lol, it's funny how it says to make my character more pretty but she is already really pretty, idk if i should add more to her or something:

    Name: Sel.
    Nationality: Japanese.
    Hair color: Black.
    Skin color: extremely pale lol.

    Eye color: Blue and green, change color based on how she's feeling. (Only extreme emotions)

    Weakness: water.

    Powers: Pyrokinesis and the typical grim reaper stuff.

    Parents: Queen of fire and grim reaper.

    Fear: Hydrophobia (fear of water since it can kill her)

    Personality: pretty much a yandere, since she starts off nice but ends up even killing someone. And she's also mean af with people she doesn't know lol.

    Her being mean comes from her past, she ran away and got captured, she promised to herself that it will never happen again when she escaped, so now she's more defensive.

    Siblings: 2 brothers (1 dies) and 1 sister (mean af and abandons her)

    She's also a pyromaniac (I have done my research) it came from her always seeing people lighting up things from her window. And she's also fire-inmune btw, she acts like a fire in every way, she can even melt ice lol.

    She also has bipolar disorder, making her eyes change from yellow (extremely happy) to blue (extremely sad), to sometimes purple which represents the psychosis side of it.

    I'm planning on making a short version of the story with a lot of comedy (in a nutchell) so yeah-

  • Ive done this quiz so many times but most of my characters get 15 or lower. My lowest being 10%. I feel like I should fix her?

    Valerie Decon (De-kin)

    Shes 25 when it starts. Grew up in a household of several children due to her father constantly marrying and divorcing several women so he can get more children to experiment on ( so original, I know.) All the children have similar abilities varying slightly between them unless their twins, which she is (Twin brother). She shares a link with her brother and on their birthday every year they have to fight until one dies or it hits midnight, ending their birthday. All the sibling eventually get separated after their father cause this apocalyptic world from an experiment gone wrong. Shes trying to live in the new world she was thrown into at 16 and avoid her siblings. Some hate her, about two dont and some dont give a damn if shes dead of alive. She, however, inherited a disease from her mother. Its similar to Hemophilia but she has episodes of blurry vision, blood splurging everywhere and migraines. She has extreme OCD, and can come across as cold, brutish, and b----y at times. Well, shes cold and stiff pretty much all the time. Again, didnt get a high score but I feel like I still need to change her in order for her to be...idk better?

  • I put my boyfriend in here and he only got a 15% lmao, I know he's not a demigod or anything but he's the most interesting person I've ever met

  • 19%

    Honest to god, I wasn't really having a high limit but I would do a bit of changing him if he was higher than 50% mary sueness. I like this. I actually use a character from the movie to roleplay and used him. He is pretty good, I can't really change him but I do have headcanons. ^w^

  • "Your character is 18% a Mary Sue!"
    Good to know.

    I didn't get any bashing, but it was still a lot of fun to take. Can tell you worked hard on this, it's very specific. I'll definitely be sharing this with fellow fan-fiction writers... great job!

  • I used my character Florian Alderwood, (got 9% with him) he was raised in a nuclear biracial family, (french father and a black mother,) as an only child! His parents split up when he was eight and he was raised mostly by his mom. His parents primarily spoke French when Florian was a child and so he learned that first, but hes fluent in English too, (learned it from his mom after his parents split up.) but now has an accent that he definitely plays up because he thinks its sexy. Hes a bit above average intelligence-wise, but really isnt a very morally correct person. He goes to Cambridge for college, and meets his boyfriend, Anton, there. Anton is even more of an a--hole than florian, but florian is good at socializing and Anton isnt. Florian wants to move back to the states, and Anton agrees, so the pair move. Florian finds out that Anton has a hell of a grudge on a lawyer there, and so Florian decides to help him out with that. Now, Florian is an insufferable flirt and is extremely flashy all of the time, but this lawyers partner is doubly obnoxious, and the lawyer is sick of it. So in flounces Florian, decides to sleep with the guy, and then poisons him! A dash of arsenic in the vodka. He calls up Anton, who shoots the other guy, and Anton and Florian take off, crossing as many police jurisdictions as possible. Unfortunately for their master plan, having sex with someone tends to leave DNA. And Florians DNA was already in the system for a minor offense a few years earlier, so it really didnt take too long for them to get caught. Florian was charged with accessory to murder, (it really was Antons plan, Florian was just willing to do the dirty work for him,) and he gets charged with 2 years in the psych ward and 8 in the state penitentiary. Hes quite persuasive, however, and gets out on parole after 5. He never goes on to offend again, and just works white collar jobs for the rest of his life! Hes a fun little prick.

  • I got 11% for one, and 15% for the other, which is pretty good in my opinion.

    The first is 25 year old Aarin Estrada. He has medium length black hair, green eyes, is 6'2", and Hispanic. He's very smart, but is also lazy, and it's hard to get him motivated if he's in a depressive state. He has suicidal thoughts and self-destructive behaviors (unsafe driving, sleeping with many people, self-harm). His mother died from cancer a few years before the story starts, and his father has dementia and is in a nursing home. He works part time as a sort-of investigator. Aarin houses the second character, Keith Williams.

    Keith is 21 years old (only a year older than me), and has messy black hair and blue eyes. He's 5'5", and is half-Korean, half-English. He's hardworking, but is also childish and irresponsible. He can also be very violent under stress. Keith lived on the streets until Aarin helped him. He was molested for years by someone who took care of him, and is has a fear of intimacy because of it (genophobia). He's helping Aarin with his cases. They end up growing close while working on one case that has to do with how Keith ended up on the street. A lot of the story is centered around how they both help "fix" what's bad about the other (Keith and his distrust of everyone, and Aarin with his self-hatred).

    I've had these characters for a few years and they mean a lot to me, so I'm glad they don't sound to cliche, lol.

  • Huh, I was honestly expecting more of a Mary-Sue score on her.

    Her names Nightshade, shes an artificial dragon (most characters are dragons or serpents in this universe) who was created by a spell cast by a Night-Dragon named Moonstone, who was basically raised in poverty and started a cult to get revenge on the wealthy, so the idea was that shed create Nightshade as a killing machine who could convey blood into magical power, and was incapable of feeling empathy.

    That didnt work though, because the spell was interrupted by the Queen of the Wyverns, thus, Nightshade turned into this weird dragon who sort of wanted to kill everyone she saw, but also didnt and just wanted friends, so shes constantly battling this bloodthirsty side of her that she hates and loves at the same time, shes socially awkward, and occasionally snaps and kills people in the night, no big deal, her descriptions kind of overly edgy, but I think it makes sense because her creators wanted her to look intimidating. Shes also a teenager because I wanted her to be. I admit that was kind of a Mary-Sue-ish choice on my part.

    So yeah, Im surprised I only got 27%

  • 11% for my Doll Maker Blake! I was worried that the fact that he's a modern character who tries to be a princely gentleman but in all honesty is just a big overly emotional idiot...

  • This was for my 17 year old charater named Silvia, she was abandoned on October 14, 2004 when she was a baby at a orphanage, she had a traumatic childhood and is a killer, she carries a chainsaw around and s--- too. It turns out shes 27% a f---ing mary sue, but whatever, i still care about her either way

  • I've done this test many times for the same OC I kept changing and for her final results I got 20% she is officially done, yes quite bland as she is not a fan character but I like it that way :)

    Zoey the weirdo
  • I got 23%, I mean my OC is kind of a mary sue, I mean, she got injured at the end of my story, but she is really smart and she is really pretty- i wish i looked like her :

  • I'm disappointed... I went out of my way to make the Mary Sue to end all Mary Sues as a joke and it only gave me 94%... Should have been 100%, guess I'll have to find the cutting it down by 6% factor...


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