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  • At: serenity smith. OH MY GOD!! Did u read out of sight out of time!! IT'S MORE..... Ummmm... Sinister and darker, but I'm series about when I finish the last book in 18 months I'm going to hurl it into the wall... I agree with everyone else ideas, awesome ones....... Hey is that ok I call u S in my new quiz series coming up..... Hmmmmmm ... Never mind but good luck with the story!!!!! I'm keeping my eyes sharper than ever to look out for it!!

  • A girl loses her dad at a young age in a car crash and meets up with a criminal. She changes his heart, and later on that criminal saves the girl's life some how, and then they get together haha:)

  • well,here are some steps that could be of help-

    1) Select a genre:romance,horro r,action,suspence,f iction ect

    2) Give your story a good start.

    3) Select name for your characters.And also give a little discription about them.Example- sarah was a really beautiful girl with blonde hair and jade eyes...........

    4) Add a pinch of comedy to your story.Feels good when you read!!

    5)write a nice story plot.
    6) No spelling errors while writing please!!
    7).....Wr ite with your heart.....
    ALL THE BEST *^_^*

    Kenji otaku
  • Do something that interest you! If not that, fiction books are a great kind of book to get started with! Write down a name and time period, then your imagination will take you from there!

  • Well first thing Im going to tell you is 1. Learn to spell 2. Use proper grammer.

    No one will ever even bother reading your story if it's not well written. Also you can just write down whatever pops into your mind, don't stress out over it. If you do it won't come out as well.

  • Please don't ever write a book.

    Your grammar and spelling are a nightmare, and you can't seem to think on your own.

    Please talk to your English teacher about getting extra help, you're a basket case.

  • Well i was gonna write a book about a librarian who once wrote a successful book and has the opportunity to become famous again. i was thinking about adding a bit of romance. but you can do whatever you want with it. dumb, right?

    Constructi ve criticism:

    Your spelling and grammar is pretty awful, no offense. Also, if you can't even come up with your own idea that just might be a red flag.

  • Well depending on what you are writing about depends on the title. I suggest brainstorming by writing down alot of random ideas and choosing one. And of course proofread.

  • Here's a starter. but in the future, try to get your own ideas:

    I knew he was watching me. He never got over me, even though he dumped me. Then again, I was the one who broke his heart. I was the one who, according to him, ruined his life. I'm worried. Who knows what he'll do.

  • i'm writing a book too but i'm only on chap. 4 and i started last month. sooo yeah... anyways i personaly like writing supernatural fiction through a first person female point of view. but thats just me. anyways! sorry no good ideas. sorry. :(

  • i luv GG! own all 6 books! cant wait for last!

    Serenity smith: *blushes* thx! my BFF thought it was weird & ridiculous. a lot of people admire my writing & ideas, though i must admit, some of them r just plain crazy!

  • My book is going AWESOME it's about this vampire girl that goes to a special vampire school and falls in love with a guy named, Blake! They kiss like... 3 times before page 20!!! Lol

  • Had an idea for you. Write a book about a girl who looses her soul mate and she dosent know it. Her soul mate becomes her guardian angel and protects her from danger.

    Ya I know it's bad but it's all I got.

  • Make a book like someone's writing a journal. You should call it ______'s splendid notebook. I read lots of books like that when I was small. Make one that all kids would enjoy!

  • If you end up writing a book and it gets very popular, it just wouldn't feel right if it wasn't your idea. Also, you spelled 'write' wrong. And many other things.

  • The first thing ill throw at you is grammar( sometimes that can be a big thing when you get older)

    Just gonna throw that at ya not to be rude or anything

  • Im writing a book too, but its not that hard. Think of what you want it to be about, jot down some ideas, and just let everything evolve from there. Connect the dots.

  • i write books all the time. but first, check your spelling and grammar.no one wants to read a big sloppy mess, as if they could! haha just think of something random and make a story from it. that's what i do.

    example: waffles. i like waffles. once there was a boy. he ate waffles all the time. one day he ran out. he went to buy more, but there was a robber at the store! he calls the cops, but the robber escapes! the boy goes on a mission because the cops are wounded. he gets the case. he is payed with cash to buy more waffles.

    and add more details to make it longer and more interesting, book-worthy. the title is waffles. tell me how it goes.

  • i write books all the time. just write what comes to mind. maybe about your favorite movies or tv shows. i like to make a character thats me, and put them into the show or movie. i just write how i think the show or movie would be like if they had another person around. hope i helped. :)

  • You should write about some magical place ( whatever you want to name it ) and create random characters, and use you imagination

  • ummm... just wait untill you get inspired by something. you shouldnt write a book based off of someone else's ideas. Just look at the world around you and im sure youll get an idea from somewhere. i get my ideas from a crazy dream i had. or something that happend at school. just be creative. ^_^

  • Make it a little bit of mystery a bit of romance with a dramatic title like "The White Rose." or " Without your hope." Make sure to use proper grammar and spelling too!

  • Okay, gots da perfect idea: First Paragraph: Pie? It's good, but the WORLD can do BETTER. Diamonds? They're good, but the WORLD can do BETTER.

    Okay so da story will just be about you're random life. YAY!

  • i dont have any ideas but here is somthing that might come in handy i keep a notebook with me at school so when something comes into your head you can quickly write it down i use this because i love music and writing song there mostly love songs though hehe i wrote a song about my crush with that and a poem


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