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  • "This story isn't about me, it's about my friend, Emily. Emily was always "that" girl who always wet her pants. Up until 3rd grade, by…"

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  • "I just LOST it on the story. I hadn't peed for the last 14 hours and I was pretty desperate for a bathroom. Finally, I dropped my phone and…"

  • "I totally wet my pants all over the carpet. I honestly didn't think I would have wet myself during this quiz, I assumed if the urge got too…"

  • "My sister, Katelyn, (She's Thirteen, I'm 11), tickled me on the belly AND under my arms the other day. (I was on my way to the bathroom…"

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  • "I had a really full bladder and the bathroom was up two floors and I couldn't help it! and I was sitting on my bed and i tried to get up…"

  • "I was at school, I had drinken 3 cups of orange juice that morning, and I was bursting! I was in the sixth grade, I squirmed and held…"

  • "Last night, I had the best dream. Well, in my dream, I had to pee Superbad and I was at the park. There were six little blonde boys and…"

  • "My bff, Chelsea, jump scared me in the hallway at school. I was desperate for a bathroom and potty dancing to the nearest one. Then Chelsea…"

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  • "I had to pee SOOO bad during this quiz and about two questions from the end I began to feel better, warm, and wet. I knew that I was…"

  • "I got up one morning and saw it was 9:00am! I had ten minutes before the bus came. I felt a desperate urge to pee. I ignored it. I made it…"

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