Can I Make You Pee?

There are lots of people in this world, but few who have a strong bladder. Those people have won trophies for making it though pee quizzes. (not really jk)

Anyways this is my first quiz and I do these all the time and make it through, but immediately run to a bathroom after. Can you make it though this quiz? P.S. I almost peed making it.

Created by: Hi
  1. Are you ready!
  2. Step 1: make yourself need to pee. How long did it take?
  3. Step 2: either take off your pants and put a towel underneath you, or stuff toilet paper in your pants.
  4. Step 3: drink 3 cups of water but don't pee. (size doesn't matter)
  5. Step 4: punch your bladder then tickle it for a minute but don't pee.
  6. Step 5: spread your legs as far apart as you can and push on your bladder but don't pee.
  7. Story 1: You're at school and as you're walking to class you need to pee. You don't have enough time to use the bathroom so you ignore it. After class you need to pee more but gym is next and it's on the other side of the school so you ignore it again. Of course you had to do jumping jacks and splits the whole time. As you're doing it you're urge is unbearable, but you're teacher says to keep going. Suddenly you start to pee and you don't care.
  8. Story 2: you've jut gone to bed and you need to go. You ignore because you're so comfy and you go to sleep. You wake up an hour later because you're room is right next to the bathroom and someone just used it. You hold you're crotch and go back to sleep. Then a couple hours later you wake up again and rush to your door but it's stuck. After a minute of trying to open your door you go and sit on your bed and somehow you fall asleep. When you wake up in the morning there's a massive wet spot under your crotch.
  9. Story 3: you're taking a nice warm bath after you've drinken a lot of water. It's so warm that you fall asleep and have a dream. You're dream is about a running hose, a running faucet, a waterfall, a flowing river, and someone peeing all at the same time. Suddenly the water seems ice cold and your bladder feels very uncomfortable. Then the water seems blazing hot and you need to pee super bad. You get out but you slip and hurt yourself so bad that you have to crawl inch by inch to the toilet which is on the other side of the room. You are able to touch the toilet before your crotch gives up and empties your bladder.
  10. Did you pee?

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