I will make you pee

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Now, I’ve met a lot of people in my life and I’m sure you have to. But not many of them have actually had a strong bladder (of course it usually doesn’t get that personal).

Will YOU be one of those people who have a bladder of steal like I do? Well, this is wephere you will find out.. of course, my main aim is to make.. You... PEEEEEEE!!!

Created by: Numerous_Jas

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  1. On a scale of 1-6, how much do you need to pee?
  2. Lay down on your tummy and spread your legs apart. Make a fist with one of your hands and put it under bladder (just above your part). Now relax all your muscles, what happened?
  3. Drink a glass of water (doesn’t matter what size) and wait five minutes after.. same as last scale, how much do you need to pee now?
  4. Sit in a squat and push like you’re doing a poo.. what happened
  5. Story: I was walking back home from my friend party. It was 2 in the morning and you just got to the front of your house. You searched your pockets for the keys but they weren’t there. You started to panic as there is no way in your house. You walked back to your friends house and rang the doorbell but there was no answer. Looking through the window you realize that your iPhone is sitting on her kitchen bench. You though she might come back soon so you waited out the front for an hour until you realized she wasn’t coming back. You walked back to your house again, it was now 4:30. When you remembered that the super markets are 24 and have public toilets, you run there. Good news, he supermarket is open! Bad news, they are demolishing the toilets and replacing them. As you start walking back to your friends house hoping she is there by now, it starts to rain. Your shoes are splashing in the puddle. You trip over and accidentally let some pee out, it starts flowing out so you grab your crotch to stop it. You finally get to your friends house, it is 6:30. You look through and realize that she isn’t there again. You sit down on the steps divistated, when a party pulls up. Your friend walks out followed by many, many other people. She comes to you and asks you why you are here, you say nothing and she opens the door and let’s you inside. You grab your phone and check the time. Everyone comes rushing in and asks you all about what happened. You try and make your way past the hundreds of people blocking the bathroom door, and realize that there is someone in the bathroom already. There are many people in line too! You get sick of it and yell shut up but no one hears. They keep asking you all these questions. Your bladder fills up with pee from hours and hours ago and trys to come out. You grab your crotch quickly and look down. You burst it all out. It quickly fills up your undies. You hear the toilet flush and the tap running and let loose. A huge golden stream rushes down your legs and onto the floor, everything goes silent and the laughter is replaced by a quiet hissing sound. The warm, golden liquid slithers onto the floor and creates a huge yellow puddle. It feels do good to finally be free. You look up and everyone is staring at you, you feel embarrassed but yet so relieved.
  6. Push on your bladder for 20 seconds and relax, think of waterfalls and water and baths and sinks and things like that,
  7. Do step number 2 again.
  8. Pull down your undies and pants and sit on the toilet like you would normally except don’t pee! Push very had like you are doing a poo.
  9. Run the tap and put your hands under it.
  10. Go drink another cup of water and emagine peeing it all out.. relax 😌

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