Are you intelligent enough to make a quiz?

Are YOU smart enough to make your own quiz? I have taken quite a few of the quizzes on this website, and to be honest, I wonder what some people are really thinking about when they waste my time like that. This quiz won't tell you if you are brilliant, pretty, or a cat or dog...but it will tell you whether you have at least enough basic knowledge to make a quiz that will not put sleep.

Come on, are you really going to make a quiz? Please do us all a favor and take this quiz first so you know whether or not you are quiz worthy, because after taking some of these quizzes, they really need a basic test like this to prevent people from wasting their time making the quiz, and my time taking it....

Created by: Mimi
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  1. Who is the vice president of the United States?
  2. Who is Nancy Pelosi?
  3. What is the name of the lead singer of the eighties band, The Police.
  4. Saddam Hussein, was he a sunni or a shiite?
  5. Where is Tikrit?
  6. On the tv sitcom Everybody Loves Raymond, what is the name of Ray's wife?
  7. What do the letters AMI mean?
  8. Where would you not see a Polar Bear?
  9. which of the following is spelled correctly?
  10. Who is the lead singer for the band Garbage?
  11. What language am I speaking if I make the statement bonjour! au revoir
  12. What is the answer to 5+5?
  13. What is the capitol of Florida?

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Quiz topic: Am I intelligent enough to make a quiz?