The Figuried quiz

There are not enough people who know Benji. Are you a member of Benji's family but don't have a clue about him? Face it, he is much more intelligent than you are and he is an absolute Genius.

How well do you know Benji, are you good enough to ace the test? Benji is the most intelligent man alive and he can do anything. Can you become Benji if you wanted to, come take the test and find out?

Created by: benji
  1. What is Benji's Favorite Color?
  2. What are 3 reason's why Phantom is a Camel?
  3. What is Benji's Favorite Car?
  4. What is Benji's Favorite song right now?
  5. What is Benji's Favorite Drink?
  6. What is Benji's Favorite movie of all time?
  7. What is Benji's Favorte Ice cream flavor?
  8. the last 4 digets of Benji's social security number is:
  9. What is Benji's favorite number
  10. Which nonsense word did Benji make up?

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