Will Pee After Taking This Quiz?

Pee. Some people like the warm, wet, forbidden feeling and watching the wet spot grow. Some people like to just read stories and watch videos of people peeing their pants. Some people like to make quizes about it.

Will YOU pee your pants after this quiz? Or do you have the strong bladder it takes to hold in the pee? Are you strong enough to not pee? Take this wild, wet, and odd quiz to see if your pants are dry, wet, or soaked!

Created by: Kylee

  1. First Question is easy: How bad do you need to pee on a scale of 1-10?
  2. Now I want you to do something. Go over to the sink and run warn water. Did you pee?
  3. Now I want you to push on your bladder five times, hard.
  4. Now I want you to let out 1 small spurt.
  5. Now, Go and get 4 big drinks of water. Go in the bathroom and stuff toilet paper into your pants. ALOT of it. You will see why later. Then sit down.
  6. Now I want you to relax your bladder and I want you to do this for 30 seconds.
  7. Did you use all your toilet paper yet? I hope not. I want you to fill a cup up with warm water and pour it in your shoes. If you are not wearing shoes put some on.
  8. Now read this: Once apoun a time,In a land far far away, there was a little girl who had to pee so badly. She was in the car with her big brother, Little brother, Mom and Dad. She told them that she had to pee but her Mom and Dad said they were miles away from any rest stop or restroom. She then realised that her brother was playing a game about peeing. Every time they passed something that reminded him of pee or wettness he released a little pee or relaxed his bladder for an amount of time. His pee spot was now the size of a small dinner plate. She felt the urge more now. She then saw her little brother who was five years old had just peed him self. He was peeing himself often for not getting to the bathroom in time. She knew he did it on purpose sometimes by relaxing repeated times untill he saw a wet spot. She had to pee even more untill..... They suddenly jerked to a stop. The jerk was not enough to make her pee her pants. "The trafic was caused by an accident up ahead." Her dad said. The word "Accident" made the urge stronger. Soon she found her brother tickling her slightly. She told him to stop but he didn't. Her mom had now begun to listen to her audio book and her dad had fallen asleep. She knew she was helpless. She gave in and peed her pants. She peed for 5 minuets srtiaght! She then realized her brothers pants had a wet spot the size of a pizza pan! she also saw that her little brother's wet spot had grown the size of 4 coffee mugs! She no longer felt bad that she peed. The end!
  9. Now I want you to take out the toilet paper you had in your pants and I want you to drink 10 glasses of water and listen to a waterfall, river, rushing water, ect. and then try to pee for 10 seconds.
  10. You have finished the quiz! Click below to get results! Do not click the 2 Get results! buttons below.

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