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  • Main characters: Cassava, Dracella
    Setting:H igh School in California

    They are BFFS they do everything together but one day just before their graduation they fall up through the ceiling they have to find their way past a series of very hard challenges they have to fight to illness (if they suffer a heart attack or something) etc.

  • Hmm, well here are some story ideas I would find interesting:

    *some thing about vampires
    *a murder

    *a child or teen that can see or talk to dead people

    *a love story filled with both comedy AND drama

    *a zombie apocolypse
    *a haunted house
    Hope you like my suggestions! :)

  • How about an evil secret society trying to get a stone that holds a lot of power. The main character is a girl who has to travel across the US to put a good team together to fight off the secret society and collect the stone before they do. The team can have hot guys in it and some friends of the girl. :D Hope I helped!

  • Write about .. emmm... a love story with a celebrity, and it would have some action in it and all :)

    Like, you realized a dream which is seeing your idol, after, you'll talk to them surprisingly because they asked you to come (find a reason) and after you'll because closer friends, then problems start and all!

    The tittle : "fight to have", maybe? :) ^^

  • depending on the genres you like depends on what u should write. for example: if you like fights and romance, try doing a forbidden love(like romeo and juliet) - or try writing about a topic you like, like events in history; fantasy; something that has happened to you;something you want to happen to you; etc... stick to your gut, and remember...everyone gets writers block. trust me, my goal career is to be an author and editor, i've been writing for as long as i can remember. trial and error, and inspiration are keys. good luck! :)

  • How about a girl who is very curious about what people think about her, so she sets up an elaborate plan to become two people, and then discovers that people think (something bad) about her, so she goes off and gets revenge on everyone, which makes them hats her even more, and then she________. Just off the top of my head. BTW, I love to


  • Base it on events from your life/stories you've read/dreams/whateve r so it's more realistic. For me, there's nothing worse than reading a fake (not to be confused with fiction) story.

    Learn proper spelling and grammar, or just rely on a dictionary.

    Look around where you are. Use names of objects around you, the first words that come to mind, your pet's name, anything that can give you an idea.

    Roleplay. This doesn't really mean become an obsessed D&D fan. Whenever I run out of ideas for details, I act out the next part. Other people helping can add parts you've never thought of.

    Write on Wattpad if you can. You'll need to register, but it's a site for stories of all kinds. Plus, more people will read it and give you tips.

    Good luck!

  • I'm not sure writing would be best for you. Maybe learn spelling and grammar and use regular typing. But, If you must write a book, choose a subject that peaks your intrest. Jot down any ideas you can. Eventually, you'll get a decent plot. Then, start writing!

  • Ok.... im not sure, but I love books about fantasy, with adventure, and maybe a teensy bit o romance. not much. so heres my idea. A kid, boy or girl, is turned into a werewolf, were tiger, were something!!! then he has to find other weres to live in their pack, but they are all attacked by a great powerful enemy and he has to save em. Pretty typical, but I'm saving my original ideas for MY book! srry.

  • I once had this idea when i was reading percy jackson. What if you wrote a story about the goddess Karma, trapped in a human body, being hunted down by evil assasins who want to use her power for domination and destruction. You could write a sequel, and go on with it, if you really put some work into it. Just an idea!

  • hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm i have another one quiz series/book coming up but i have other ideas.. lets see..... maybe u could right what Cody S said or maybe a love triangle between good and bad... hmmmm what i do is every time i need to go to sleep i think and IMAGINE some things/event in a story or book i could do...thats how i get my ideas... just think about it, my best option is reading teen books, teen fiction etc. reading gives u a higher IQ, are smarter and wiser, can imagine or picture things more clearly, and an improve in writing, very.

  • Try writing a mixed up fairy tale, like whoever is the main character in the book is like a princess and all the other princes from every other fairy tale start wanting you to be there queen or wife. It some pretty crazy stuff but its an idea.

  • I've got it! It's kinda wierd though. You write a journal. That's all it is. An average day, every day for 3 years. There is no plotline no love triangle no "they're gonna kill me!" Just life. It's relatable, but the real trick is you have to use hyperboles. That and a quick wit and sharp tongue. Just a suggestion.

  • Do something dark and offbeat! Be bold and original in your writing but feel free to find inspiration In your favorite books or poetry. People want NEW and UNCHARTED books to read. Not knockoffs of other authors success. Good luck and happy writing! :3

  • Hey we are not all idiots I don't see you coming up with any other ideas dream chaser 1920 is right

    Here I will give you the starting paragraph and you can go on after that.

    I got home that day to see my house on fire I ran to my best friends house (. ). She came out and was crying saying someone killed her family I walked in and there her parints where dead

    And know you can make it your own

  • I am in the process of writing a novel. What helps you to write most is reading. Read, read, read, read, read, read, read, read, read. Reading other people's work is the best way to learn about putting together your own masterpiece. I do not recommend trying to write a mystery story, because those are the hardest to do. You have to solve the mystery yourself first, and it's nearly impossible. To start out, write about things you know a lot about and then add your own flavor to them. Writing fantasy stories is the easiest because you can create your own world and not have to have anything (except grammar and punctuation, obviously) correct. Hope that helps!

  • Alright so my idea is there is a normal person who rides a train. But then suddenly the train stops. So the person goes around trying to understand why the train stopped. Then the person makes three friends one of which is a boy. Just my idea

  • First of all learn how to spell and use proper grammer. ALso don't use text speech.

    wright---- write a book----take a right

    too-a large amount of something--too much pasta

    to--when describing a loction--I am going to the party

    two--amount- -there were two camels

    use "you" instead of "u" and any other text speech

  • Well, first i would do drama or horror personally, maybe fantasy or romance. Then look up something like greek mythology or think of some really compicated romantic dilema, then make a story out of it. Like someone is visited by the gods or two people share a moment that only means something to them.

  • I know you probably have an idea already, based off of all the amazing commens but i think it would be cool to write about a girl in an insane asylum because she can do things with her mind and she finds out the other patients there can do it too and she finds out the insane asylm is really a place where they studdy and kill her kind :P you could name it something like: The Aylum on __________ Hill or the name of the asylum

  • one thing you need to remember about writing a book is that you just need to do it, write down what ever comes into your head My mom is about to publish her first book and i am also working on a book. another thing is dont try to use other peoples worlds or characters, make your own, create a world that is yours that you can do any thing to. Good luck!

    Pearl Dragon
  • Also, it helps if you are completely satisfied with the characters, other wise you end up losing interest in the book. I have a passion for writing and I plan to write books when I'm older, so, yea.

  • How about a series? Maybe a series about where there is a girl, and her name is ____. (The person taking the quiz is supposed to put their name in the blank.) She loves to draw and finally draws the anime she says she's certain is her best work. She names her anime Defo-chan/Uta. But her anime comes to life! Then Defo-chan/Uta secretly signs up to the school ____ goes to! Now that Defo-chan/Uta is going to ____'s school, Defo-chan/Uta has the same crush on a boy as ____. And they both are flirting with him, until ____ finally finds out Defo-chan/Uta's secret!

    Good enough? :3

  • Girl who has creepy doll and finds out the doll is alive so she embarks on a treacherous journey in which she finds out she has a long imprisoned sister and along the way she sees a boy.....

  • I agree that first you really should use proper spelling and grammar.

    For a storyline, what kind of genre do you like to read? What do you dream about? What kind of book do you want to see more of?

    Can you think of an image, just one image, that you don't know where it came from?

    Where is that image? Who's in it? What are they doing? Why? When? How? To what ends? What happened to them before this image? Who, exactly, are they to everyone else? Who's their next of kin?


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